A Lockdown 2.0 Black Friday at E-Bikes Direct

Lockdown 2.0 is well and truly upon us and it’s safe to say the Country’s morale has been higher… So this Black Friday we’ve introduced reductions of various electric bikes of all sizes and purpose, to give the nation something to smile about this winter.

Published: Wednesday 11 November 2020

Black Friday Deals at E-Bikes Direct

A Lockdown 2.0 Black Friday at E-Bikes Direct

2020 has been a year of restrictions and challenges to say the least, with uncertainty being the main theme it would seem, but one thing has remained throughout – Cycling is healthy, cycling could save the planet, cycling should be encouraged. With that in mind, heading for the hills is one of the safest ways of enjoying life and feeding your positive mindset, so here at E-Bikes Direct we’ve introduced some reductions across a broad range of electric bikes from market leading brands to keep the nation cycling.

Whatever your budget, we’ve got the E-Bike for you. From serious Downhill & Enduro Electric Mountain Bikes capable of insanity on wheels, to honest, charming machines that won’t make the bank manager laugh you out of their office. Let’s start with the savvy machines, the refined, specialist vessels with price points that might make you cringe, and work our way to what we as a company love to promote – E-Bikes for all!

The Crème De La Crème of E-Bikes.

One of the biggest price cuts we’ve made this year is a whopping £1,700 off the Merida eOne-Forty 9000 FS Carbon framed eMTB – yes, down to £5,299! For that you get an e-bike that is widely held as one of the best full suspension electric mountain bikes on the road today. With its top spec components and torquey Shimano E8000 motor, this is a beast that will chew up the track and trail!

Merida eOne Forty 9000 FS Carbon MTB at E-Bikes Direct

For those who like to ride out to the countryside as well as chewing it up, the Haibike XDURO Adventr 6.0 will do the trick. This has the much lusted-after Flyon drive system and is designed for ultimate endurance on or off-road. This is the sort of bike you’d start making excuses to ride every day, whether on a trekking holiday in the Highlands or just leaving your car to die of loneliness on the driveway while you commute to work by bike!

Mid-Range & Commuter E-Bikes

With public transport and general public interaction deemed as risky at the moment and the threat of that dreaded 14 day lockdown text prominent, cycling has been promoted and encouraged as the best means of commute in built up areas. We know that cycling means something different for everyone of every lifestyle, so we’ve included bikes to cater for the masses and provide reliable transport solutions.

At the higher end of the mid-range E-Bike market, if you will, you have the Forme Thorpe E carbon road bike – a bike that may suit perhaps a once savvy road cyclist that needs that little encouragement to keep up with the big boys, or thorough-bread cyclist commuter who may want to save a little energy for the day job! A well-equipped, incredibly stylish means of fast paced exercise.

Thorpe E Electric Carbon Road Bike at E-Bikes Direct

If you’re someone who perhaps embarks on a more rural commute and prefers a little more comfort, without compromising with performance, take a look at our Hybrid Electric Bike reductions. A bike that stands out to us, and seemingly to the public, is the Haibike SD Trekking 5.0 2020 Trapeze Hybrid – Featuring a low frame crossbar for rider versatility, combining front suspension and a relaxed geometry with fast paced hybrid tyres and a generous 500Wh battery to result in the ultimate all-rounder.

Haibike SDURO Trekking 5.0 Trapeze Hybrid Electric Bike

Something slightly more quaint, but still just as capable, is the Raleigh Motus Crossbar 2020. Of course maintaining that renown Raleigh build quality and attention to detail, the Motus packs a Bosch Active Line crank motor married to a 300Wh battery, features that, in our experience, may steal the customers vote! See what you could save on one of these cracking machines!

To The Masses – Budget E-Bikes!

Founded by Matt Flanagan over a decade ago, E-Bikes Direct came about off the back of a business trip to China, and the realization that Electric bikes were taking over the streets and pavements – a movement that clearly hadn’t taken off over here. Upon his research once returned, he found that the few E-Bikes on the road were mostly very expensive, German machines. The point of focus from that point on was to offer affordable electric bikes to the masses and promote the movement a little closer to home. 15 years on, here we are!

The Basis brand is the product of this ethos. Take the Basis Hunter Electric Mountain Bike for example. Featuring a discreet in-tube 7.8Ah battery, 6 speed gearing and front suspension, you’d be amazed to find it in the sub £900 category?! See our Basis Integrated blog for more info.

Czech brand Crussis is another great budget E-Bike brand, offering superior build quality and home-grown cross-country experience. Check out the Crussis e-Cross 1.4 Mens Trekking Electric bike – another discreet in-tube battery design, offering responsive braking and a generous 21 speed Shimano gearing system, not to mention a 60 mile range. Ladies, if the e-Cross 1.4 is making all the right noises, fear not! The Crussis e-City 1.4-S maintains the same values and capability, with a charming and relaxed Step-Through frame geometry.

Haibike SDURO Trekking 5.0 Trapeze Hybrid Electric Bike

Folding Affordability

Folding Electric Bikes are the machines you’re likely see most often on our roads, largely due to the unmatched versatility when it comes to purpose and target rider, especially in todays market. While in their element on congested city roads or folded neatly on the train during your commute, thanks to electric assist and the progression of cycling, folders are now recognised as well equipped, great all-rounders, or to put it into an analogy, a Swiss-Army knife on wheels!

The best example of this has to be the innovative Falcon Flo Folding Electric Bike. It’s swish, fluid-like aesthetic and MAG 20″ wheels set it aside from anything else in it’s league. Yep, that maze of a frame packs a 7.8Ah battery to power a rear hub motor and achieve up to 25 miles of cycling. Features such as it’s hybrid tyres and mudguard set ensure that regardless of folding bike’s stigma, you’re in good hands should the going get a little rough.

Buy a Falcon Flo Folding Electric Bicycle - Black Friday Deals

Whatever your budget, whatever the purpose.

As you can see, whether you have £5,300 or far less, you’re sure to find something right up your street. Check out our Black Friday Deals to see what we have on offer!