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Our company has been built on an underpinning knowledge of the use and quality of different electric bikes brought about from staff with years of experience previously working within the electric bike industry.

We have a wide range of electric bicycles from the top brands on the market. We have electric bikes under £700 if you are on a budget, both step through and step over frames and a nice range of folding electric bikes.

All bikes adhere to UK regulations. For more information on UK legislation concerning the riding of electric bikes click here. Wikipedia also have a very informative page on the history of the electric bicycle.

Why buy an electric bike?

Electric bikes help save the environment, your health and your wallet at the same time. By riding an electric bike, not only will you be saving money on ever rising fuel costs, tax and insurance fees. You will also be getting some valuable exercise and improving your health with minimal effort.

Why not take a look at one of the Government Ride to Work Schemes designed to reduce pollution, congestion and fuel consumption across the United Kingdom.

You might be surprised what you could save with Electric Bikes Direct.

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Recent Reviews:

RooDog Chic Step Through Electric Bike - Gloss Black
RooDog Chic Step Through Electric Bike - Gloss Black Image
Extremely Pleased lesw5013 Nov 14
Hi just thought I`d let you know that I am extremely pleased with my Roo dog electric bike purchased from you in September. We have just returned from a week`s holiday and my bike got a lot of use. Best way to describe the feeling is someone is pushing me along the flat and cycling up a hill is like pedalling on the flat. My grandson also enjoyed it !!! I would definitely recommend your company for its choice of electric bikes and excellent service. Only one regret, wish I had seen the red polka dot one first.
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GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike
GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike Image
Super impressed baldeagle09 Jul 15
I have been debating whether or not to get an electric bike for about a year or more after a work colleague got one and let me try it in the car park. I was suitably impressed, but at the time electric bikes were still quite expensive and the styling left a lot to be desired.  Then I discovered the Greenedge CS2 quite by chance whilst surfing the web. It looked the part and the specifications seemed to fit my requirements. So I took the plunge.  I work shifts, mostly lates as a tram driver here in Manchester and I cycle to work as a job sitting on your backside for 8 hours a day is not going to do the waistline a lot of good.  I mostly work at our Old Trafford depot 4 miles from my house but I occasionally work out of our Gorton depot on Queens Rd which is 8 miles the other side of Manchester and on a windy day can be a bit gruelling to cycle.  The bike got delivered 2 weeks ago and got put into immediate service. Setting it up was a doddle, screw in the pedals with an open ended spanner and straighten up the handlebars with a 5 or 6 mm hex key. And swap the lights off my old bike.  Battery was more or less fully charged so no messing about checking out low or med, let`s whizz off on high. Ha. Very impressive and put a wide grin on my face.  So, first commute the next day, a mixture of road and off road, my route takes me past Sale Water Park if you`re familiar with the area, up over the river and through Chorlton into Old Trafford. It`s normally a bit of a sweat inducing affair but no more. This bike flattened out all the inclines and on those days when the headwind is blowing me to a standstill, I`m still ploughing along at 15mph.  2 weeks on and I`m convinced I`ve made one of the better purchases of my life. I`ve been cycling for years and I am quite fit but this bike has taken the slog out of my commute and made my journeys fun whilst still providing me with much needed exercise.  The front suspension soaks up the potholes and the disc brakes will stop it on a sixpence.  I heartily recommend this bike to anyone who either wants to get into cycling gently or an experienced cyclist who just wants a bit of fun.  Just a couple of tiny things that I will change on this bike, the seat post and seat, I will fit a much higher quality seat post, a Cane Creek Thudbuster possibly and a quality gel filled seat. That`s about it.  People have asked me about things like regenerative pedalling, braking and automatic lights and stuff. I know that sort of thing is available but on bikes costing 3 grand or more. This bike is £649 which you would expect to pay for a decent road bike anyway.  In a congested city like mine, I`m travelling faster than expensive SUV`s in town and not paying road tax, insurance, fuel, m.o.t., servicing and all the other wallet busting expenses.  If you live within a 10 mile commute of work then this bike will get you fit, won`t tire you out and I guarantee will save you a fortune on motoring or public transport costs. It`s as the youth of today would say - a no brainer.   And just one last thing if you`re still interested. I had a day off work on the day I wrote this. Near to where I live is the River Mersey alongside Sale Water Park and there are miles and miles of off road cycling routes, the trans Pennine trail and stuff. So I took it out for a morning spin in the sunshine. Effortless country lane pedalling gliding up and down hills over some serious off road trails that would test an experienced off roader. Good stuff. If ever the powers that be make a CS2 off road upgrade, 500W motor and upgraded battery, then I want to know about it  
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GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike
GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike Image
5 star review as promised! PJHawkhurst18 Jun 16
In November 2015 I chose the CS2 for my first electric bike. I bought the bike about 8 months ago after testing a few at E-Bikes direct and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The small wheel foldable bikes are great for road cycling and packing in the car but the CS2 specification was great value for me; the CS2 looks good, has 6 gears, disk brakes, suspension, a decent Samsung battery and is one of the lightest. I love this bike; I felt 12 years old again at my first hill, cycling is fun again. I am 64 and I had been ill for 2 years before serious heart surgery in 2014. The surgery went OK but after 7 months I developed chronic ectopic beats which after a year the doctors could not stop. Unbelievably after I had used the bike for a few weeks the ectopic beats subsided and have now completely gone, blood pressure and pulse are fantastic. It is great fun being able to exercise outdoors at my chosen limit or to go somewhere without the car. The CS2 is light enough to pedal without power but I use the power whenever I wish to keep a steady pace, in a headwind or on uphill sections (and get envious looks as I pass other cyclists).  Some statistics, I have used the bike once or twice a week for leisure with a mix of road and firm woodland trails, averaging 10 miles each ride with a maximum of 18 miles with 30% or more battery life left and averaging 12 mph. A typical ride has 400m elevation (smart watch). Charge time is about 1 ½ hours after 8 miles. Matt and the team at E-Bikes have been fantastic. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful they have a large selection of bikes and all accessories at fair prices. For a little over the price of one year’s membership at my local sports centre it’s a no-brainer, just try one out you will be amazed.  
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Byocycle City Speed 20" Folding Electric Bike
Byocycle City Speed 20
Love this bike emznewsome117 May 14
I couldn`t believe my luck when I saw this bike and the price! I have been looking around for a while now for a good electric bike with a throttle but they are all a little to expensive. I was a little worried about taking a chance buying over the internet for something I hadn`t tested however I am not disappointed, this bike is amazing and the e-bikes direct team were great when I emailed for some info. Excellent service and delivery!     Once upon a time I wouldn`t have been seen dead on an electric bike however I feel they have come along way and this bike looks very cool for a folding bike. The bike folds down very easy and fits nicely in the shed and the battery is easy to remove which helps with lifting. As for the performance, I took it out today for the first time and very impressed with the speed as I wasn`t expecting to much but it is very fast indeed. The throttle is wicked for lazy days or when you just want assistance up a hill and you certainly get some looks!    Thank you very much e-bikes team!    E.Newsome : )
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Byocycle Boxer 24" Electric Folding Mountain Bike
Byocycle Boxer 24
Efficient electric bike and service Benp197411 Jun 13
Thanks for sending the electric bike so quickly. I was a novice to electric bikes when I started my research. I do a little bit of leisure cycling at the weekend on the Sussex downs but due to a recent knee operation felt the assistance would be an asset to me and allow me to continue enjoying my cycling. I saw the byocycle and with the folding frame thought it would be a good bet as it means I could fold and put in the boot rather then going through the hassle of a car rack. So far the electric bike has lived up to my expectations, its good on the hills easy to unfold and operate and is of a reasonable build quality. Thanks Ebikes direct for such a pleasant transaction.
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