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Why buy a hybrid electric bike?

  • You want a road bike that will handle the Great British pothole infestation on our roads that has fatter tyres so you don’t shake your fillings out
  • You may use canal or railway paths as part of your ride but no real off road sections. The tyres and suspension will handle a little rough stuff
  • You want something a little sturdier than a road bike but no full on eMTB
  • You may want to go reasonably quickly on the roads so want a narrower tyre with less rolling resistance yet want a little bounce
  • You could even want a mountain bike that won’t freak out on the roads

There are loads of reasons that someone will choose an electric hybrid bike beyond this. Ranging in thickness of tyre you will find electric hybrids with a more road bias or a more track bias. Some people like big MTB tyres on the road as there is more of them to see by half blind car drivers!

A selection of electric hybrid bikes

Here at E-bikes Direct we are proud to offer a wide range of hybrid electric bikes that appeal to different needs and budgets. Let’s have a look at just a few of the bikes we have on offer from the cheapest up:


One of our least expensive hybrid electric bikes, yet still one of our most popular is the Cyclotricity Revolver Hybrid 250w Electric Bike. While appealing to the price conscious, this machine has great branded components such as Shimano gears and disc brakes for optimum speed control.


In 2019 we have significantly extended the range of brands that we offer at E-Bikes Direct. Juicy is one of the newest value brands that we stock - have a look at the Juicy Sport Click Hybrid E-Bike. A pretty looking machine that won’t make the bank manager laugh at you, yet really delivers the goods on the road.

Cube Touring

Cube are another new brand that we stock as of 2019. They have a large range of hybrid electric bikes that are too numerous to mention here. As a midrange example, the Cube Touring bikes can include in-tube batteries at the upper end, but all come with panniers, mudguards and integrated lights.


Coming in at a similar price point is the LePierre Overvolt Urban series of hybrid electric bikes. One of the biggest brands in European cycling, this French marque is a hallmark of reliability and brilliant engineering. Whether after a man’s machine or a woman’s machine you will find cycling one of these great fun and very responsive.

Cube Stereo Hybrid

At the e-MTB end of electric hybrid bikes is the Cube Stereo Hybrid series of electric bikes. As at home on the byways and rough tracks of the countryside as the road itself, you will find these machines that will be great on a commute as on a blast in the hills. At the upper end of the price spectrum (eight times the price of the Cyclotricity machine above in one case), you really get what you pay for in terms of the mechanisms and components.

What are you waiting for?!

With this great selection of Hybrid electric bikes, isn’t it about time you had a look for yourself to see what suits you? We always have great deals on - see what is on offer!

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