For A Healthier Britain – E‑Bikes Direct Partners With Pharmica

We’ve teamed up with Pharmica, the UK’s most trusted online pharmacy, to offer E‑Bikes Direct customers 10% off all products and treatments at

Published: Wednesday 05 August 2020

E-Bikes Direct Partner With Pharmica

For a healthier Britain. E-Bikes Direct partners with Pharmica – the UK’s most trusted online pharmacy

10% off all Pharmica health care treatments when you shop at E-Bikes Direct

On July 27th the UK Governments announced the ‘Better Health’ initiative. A campaign to encourage and help the nation to get fit, stay active, strengthen immune systems and as a result, better protect the NHS.

Cycling has been the nation’s favourite form of transport, exercise and general outlet throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

With public transport discouraged, gyms and leisure outlets temporarily closed and a general build-up of confusion, angst and un-settlement leaving the nation lacking in physical release and as a result, a decline in general health and well-being.

With no financial ties, no parking qualms and of course no carbon footprint, cycling has fast become a significant solution toward tackling traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and even mental health – we think it’s the future, and apparently the UK Government agrees!

The most natural, effective remedy for a healthier body, mindset, and even gut.

It’s no secret that exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle and will improve cardio and general fitness, but we think there’s nowhere near enough promotion for the benefits that a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine can provide not only for your mental health but also the health of your gut.

Without a healthy mindset, there’s often little desire or motivation to improve your physical health – a catch 22, I’m sure we can all slightly relate to. Studies show that regular exercise and the release of endorphins can promote significant changes to the brain including neural growth, reduced inflammation, and new activity patterns that promote feelings of calm and well-being, having a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. As your mindset improves, motivation for exercise, dietary change and a generally healthier lifestyle increases thus forming a new routine, new cravings and a sense of achievement that repeats this cycle.

As well as the neurological effects that exercise has on your health, the physical movement and muscle development, specifically within the abdomen, can encourage changes in abdominal activity and promote a faster metabolism.

There is plenty of health advice out there with sources varying in credibility, studies lacking in evidence, and masses of trendy methods and techniques to a healthier lifestyle that don’t always work and can sometimes even be harmful.

In reality, there are no shortcuts, a combination of a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, physical stimulation and hydration are the core components of a healthier, better you. For those not seeing the results they desire, there are clinically proven supplements and remedies available – that’s where Pharmica comes in.

Pharmica, the UK’s most trusted online pharmacy

We’re really excited to announce that E-Bikes Direct has partnered with Pharmica to offer our customers 10% off all health care treatments at so you can combine the benefits of cycling with healthy living.

Pharmica is one of the leading UK online pharmacies, offering a range of health supplements, medicines and treatments through a personal online prescription service. So, whether you’re looking to enhance your mental and physical potential, relieve pain or improve your skincare regime, Pharmica has what you need.

With almost 500,000 registered customers, more than 52,000 customer reviews delivering a 5* Trustpilot average and the Pharmica Price Promise guarantee ensuring you’re never out of pocket – it’s little wonder that Pharmica is the UK’s most trusted online pharmacy.

With our shared concern for Britain’s health, and passion for what we do, we think partnering up with Pharmica will have a positive impact on the government’s Better Health initiative, the UK’s health and wellbeing and of course our NHS’s future.

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