Fixing Your Electric Bike with E-Bikes Direct

A new lease of life for that neglected E-Bike rusting away in the garage… E-Bikes Direct are now Government registered bicycle repairers!

Published: Monday 16 November 2020

Government Department For Transport Fix Your Bike Scheme

Fixing Your Electric Bike with E-Bikes Direct

Have an e-bike rotting in your garage because it needs repair and you haven’t got round to it? Perhaps it just needs a service? E-Bikes Direct might be able to help now we are registered e-bike repairers with the government’s Fix Your Bike scheme.

What’s the Fix Your Bike Scheme?

As part of a drive to get people out of their cars for short journeys the UK government is offering £50 vouchers to members of the public to have their bikes repaired and to get them roadworthy.

Now that the pandemic is at large, using an electric bike or traditional bicycle could well save you having to use public transport too, reducing your risks of getting a lungful of COVID-19.

You just have to fill out a form on the Fix Your Bike government portal here to get one. You then need to go to an accredited repairer on the scheme. Just one catch – the first vouchers were so popular they have all gone but we hear through the industry Bicycle Association that a new batch of vouchers is about to be released.

E-Bikes Direct Can Repair & Maintain Your Electric Bike!

E-Bikes are more complicated than traditional bicycles and sadly, are more likely to be left in the garage to rot should something go wrong. That’s why we at E-Bikes Direct have opened our workshop doors to anyone within reach of our base in Bodiham on the East Sussex/Kent border to have their e-bikes repaired under the scheme.

A bicycle that we don’t sell, or haven’t sold you? Not to worry! In most cases we should be able to repair or replace the faulty components and get you back on the road again. With our expert team of e-bike mechanics we will do a better job than certain other national chains of e-bike repair stores too!

Bafang, Bosch or Flyon? No worries!

As a business we at E-Bikes Direct have been repairing our customers’ e-bikes for many years and are familiar with nearly every e-bike control and power system on the market. This could be a high end Haibike Flyon or Bosch/Yamaha system on more expensive machines made by German or Japanese companies that come as part of machines that cost several thousand pounds to buy.

E-Bikes Direct specialise in value-end e-bike sales, with our core belief that you don’t need to spend as much money on an e-bike as you would on a used car! That’s why our team know their way around a front/rear wheel sealed unit system made by Chinese e-bike giant Bafang or a Vietnamese / Czech Republic model that costs less to buy than the German or Japanese models.

The cheaper models of e-bikes are the ones most likely to be rotting in the garage. That’s why we believe that we could get more e-bike owners back on the road with the Fix Your Bike scheme. With your £50 voucher you could well find that the e-bike repair costs you little or nothing, saving on the need to buy another value e-bike and getting you back on the road for just the time it takes to load it up in the car and drop it off at our workshop!

Keep An Eye Out For Vouchers!

As soon as the Fix Your Bike vouchers are available, we at E-Bikes Direct will make an announcement and if you sign up you could well be back on the road in time for Spring!