Huffy Make Fun at E-Bikes Direct This Summer

If you are, well, anyone who has ridden a bicycle in the last century, chances are you’ve heard of the reputable brand Huffy. You might remember their iconic Green Machine kids ride-on toys, or perhaps their old-school chrome BMX bikes, but one thing is for sure – you do not dominate a market for 130 years for no good reason!

Published: Tuesday 05 July 2022

Huffy - We Make Fun E-Bikes Direct Outlet

Huffy at E-Bikes Direct Outlet

At E-Bikes Direct Outlet, we are all about cycling and general fun & leisure, so we’re excited to share that we now stock a broad range of Huffy products, including ride on toys, adult bicycles, and most recently, Disney & Marvel licensed kids bikes!

Now, you might have noticed a few Huffy products filtering through our site for a short while, however varied and unfortunately in small quantities. We are really pleased to now be a significant supplier of their new Disney & Marvel licensed lines, and we think you guys will be too!


If you are a parent of a little one, we can almost guarantee that you are very familiar with the likes of Elsa & the gang, Mater & McQueen and of course, Spiderman. When it comes to Christmas or Birthday gifts, everything must be themed or related to their favourite characters. I am sure we can all think back to our youth and re-live the utter excitement of getting our first bicycle, so what better combination than a bicycle with their favourite character on-board?!

One For The Adults

It is not just their Childrens bicycles that have proven successful… Huffys alternative styling, and of course, American influence when it comes to design has bred some really interesting and alternative models that the UK market should be excited to boast. One that stands out to us is the Huffy Deluxe Cruiser… Right at home breezing along Venice Beach as you make your way the Volley-ball pitch, it’s no-nonsense single speed gearing, swooping frame design and massive cruiser style handlebars, and suspension comfort saddle really transport you to a serene place – and lets not forget to mention its lovely Satin Teal finish and appropriate coloured tyres. This is a great means of looking very cool indeed, while getting from A-B. Check out the Deluxe Cruiser!

Huffy Deluxe Cruiser at E-Bikes Direct

Now, if the Deluxe Cruiser appeals to you, but you need something a little more versatile, the Huffy Sienna might be just the ticket! Adopting the same retro styling in the form of its leather style comfort saddle and over-sized cruiser bars, however packing a 7 speed Shimano gearing system to broaden the riders comfort zone & aid your journey should the going get a little rough.

Huffy Sienna Mens & Womens Bicycle at E-Bikes Direct

They say that part of growing up is reconnecting with your inner child… So parents; why not see what Huffy can offer you?

Green Machine!

Dating right back to the 1970s, Green Machine has become one of those things that parents & children have in common. A toy that was so revolutionary and ahead of its time that its design has maintained through decades & generations. Now, of course Huffy have adapted to the times, adding electric power to the mix as we’ve seen in the Green Machine Vortex 12v, or the Green Machine 360 6v, but the GM brand ethos remains.

Disney or Marvel?

If there is any element at all that Huffy could encorporate to further boost popularity among little ones, its Disney or Marvel characters…

The most recent addition to our Huffy range, and we are sure it is a welcomed one, is Huffys latest Disney & Marvel themed kids bicycles. Ranging from 12" to 16" with various themes & colour schemes, this quirky range is the ideal one-stop shop for you parents looking for a new fleet for the family.

These have been ergonomically designed to aspire as much fun as possible & withstand the brute of learning & development, while keeping safety at the forefront. Let us start with the 12" models…

Huffy Kids Bikes at E-Bikes Direct

All rolling on MAG wheels and handy EVA puncture-proof tyres to minimise maintenance (and tantrums!), Huffy have also included a fully enclosed chainguard to keep prevent tangles & mudguards to keep those clothes clean. Whether it’s Disney Cars, Disney Frozen, Disney Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess or Marvel Spiderman they are in to – there is a Huffy to reflect their flair! These models are suited to riders ranging from 3ft 2 – 3ft 7.

The 14" models differ slightly in the form of their spoked Alloy wheels which add further strength for a slightly larger, more confident rider. As well as the Jr. V-Brakes, chainguard and included stabilisers across the range, Huffy have included some fun additions to make every ride as animated as possible… Take the Marvel Spiderman 14’s mounted water bottle and handlebar plaque, or the Disney Frozen 14’s rear mounted doll carrier and handlebar basket, for example. Suited to riders between 3ft 4 – 3ft 9.

Finally, Huffys 16" models feature the very same additions as the 14" models, but are suited to riders between 3ft 6 – 4ft 1. Regardless of wheel size, all of these character models come equipped with removable stabilisers, so no matter the experience, confidence, height or ability, your littlun can hop on & ride shotgun with their favourite characters!

Check out our Huffy range!