eCargo Bikes – The Future Is Present

We have said before, but now it seems even more appropriate than ever….

Published: Wednesday 20 July 2022

eCargo Bikes - Efficient Transport Solution at E-Bikes Direct

Fuel prices are surging with no signs of slowing, the likes of BMW are reportedly introducing subscription plans for optional extras like heated seats according to TopGears article – yes, you read that correctly. Things seem to be getting out of hand if you ask us, and the nation is crying for a loop-hole…. We’ve touched on e-Cargo trikes & bikes briefly back in 2021 in our "eCargo Bikes – Economic, Practical, Healthy!" blog, but in light of further increases & a since altered highway code that favours cyclists and pedestrians, we feel now is the time for some big changes.

You Heard It Here Second, Folks

The Guardian recently published an article amidst the rocket in cost of living, discussing the huge increase in interest and sales of Cargo bikes & Cargo Electric Bikes & trikes in the UK.

Conducting interviews with members of the British public on their personal opinions and experiences, one Cargo rider said “It’s just fun! – You feel good being out in the fresh air and getting exercise without consciously exercising.” Utilising his Cargo bike for errand runs and usual parent duties, he also added that since purchasing the bike a year ago, he’s seeing more & more people using similar set-ups for similar purpose, and others are simply intrigued and want to know more about them! A pattern we’re hoping will only encourage sales of such an efficient transport solution.

All Shapes & Sizes

Cargo bikes vary in design, intended use and of course their capability depending on size.

At the more traditional end you have the likes of 2019s Raleigh Roundsman Cargo (unfortunately now un-available, but for example), a small & nimble Bosch powered E-Bike with a, to be frank, tiny framed basket on the front… Great for small items or letters, but once you are lumbered with a few larger items and packages, you might be best off looking at something like the Raleigh Pro Bike or a Pro Bike XL… Their 350L+ lockable cargo boxes & 400Wh Bosch battery make for great utilities in that respect.

Raleigh eCargo Bikes at E-Bikes Direct

Now, if you are part of a small urban situated family looking to save a few bucks and encourage exercise, you would want to veer towards something like the Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo which features an open-top pod with a 2-child bench seat & belts, again powered by a punchy Bosch drive system that returns up to 80 miles from a charge! In a nut shell, if it aids the transportation of its rider and indeed the riders chosen luggage, it is deemed a cargo bike.

Raleigh Stride 2 eCargo Bikes at E-Bikes Direct

Food delivery services have started to reap their benefits, small families are seemingly ditching the car for a healthier, more cost-effective alternative, and courier companies have twigged that they can deliver up to 40% more packages per hour than vans within Cities! With the average consumer slowly converting, and franchises and national courier systems making the step, could Cargo & e-Cargo bikes widely solidify their place in society?

According to the Guardians article, Cargo bike sales have grown by 40% in the past year, and that’s despite a downturn in overall bike sales since the lock-down boom we saw in 2020!

Give it a Tri

You might be reading this thinking; "all that weight and potentially fragile & expensive cargo on-board, balanced on two wheels?!", well Raleigh amongst many other brands have put a lot of time & innovation into designing & developing steering systems that aids control and stability, so there is nothing to necessarily worry about there.

Of course as we know, the years tend to take their toll and many might lack the confidence, general stability or agility to safely operate something on two wheels… Some might simply prefer the peace of mind of added stability where Children & valuable cargo are concerned. If this sounds more like it, maybe an e-Cargo Tricycle is the route to venture down!

We work closely with a Danish brand called AMCargo that produce innovative, refined tricycles & electric tricycles, and more relevantly, e-Cargo bikes. All featuring the 'tadpole' functionality (two wheels up front, one at the rear), stability is optimised.

Ergonomically designed for purpose, AMCargo have taken customer suggestions on-board to form an incredibly broad range of efficient electric transport solutions.

For example  as mentioned previously, perhaps you are part of a small locally based family & want a efficient replacement for that un-necessary car on the driveaway. Or perhaps you love the idea of breezing through the park on a lovely Spring morning to get the kids to school, before enjoying an even more serene lone cycle back to gather your thoughts… None of that traffic stress & road rage. If this sounds like you, the likes of the AMCargo Deluxe & AMCargo Ultimate Curve might just tick every box! Although differing slightly in design, both feature a cargo box with bench seats to seat four children with safety belts, a 7 speed Shimano gearing system, a triple braking system, a handy luggage rack and every safety feature you’d want when hitting the open road.

AMCargo eCargo Trike at E-Bikes Direct

A utility doesn’t necessarily need to be pretty, but if you’re after something that reflects a tad of your personality and looks very cool while doing so, the wooden cargo box & stylish brown componentry of the AMCargo Ultimate Harmony is the option for you.

On the flip-side, you might be a locally operating tradesman or handy-man looking to boost profit by cutting un-necessary expenses. Jumping through hoops & spending thousands on maintaining a workhorse every year seems obsolete and your work does not warrant such a vehicle, but carrying all of your tools between jobs is a step too far. Or perhaps you are a small business owner with only a few essentials required, and you need efficiently jump between clients & meetings… The AMCargo Workman 2 has been designed for YOU! It’s lockable top facing dual-doors ensure your items are secure and easily accessible.

For the love of Dogs, AMCargo have even designed a Dog Friendly e-Cargo bike! It is not what you’re thinking, and although AMCargo seem to work miracles, Dogs just can't ride bikes unfortunately…

Jokes aside, it’s front opening draw-bridge style door makes it easy for pups & any small animal you may encounter to jump right in!

Can't Argue With That

The Guardians article mentions a rough price range of £2000-£5000 for your average Cargo bike, which makes AMCargo's highest price tag of £3199 seem incredibly fair! They’ve thought of you all, and their range is ever growing in-line with demand.

If you are intrigued and think an e-Cargo bike or Trike might benefit your lifestyle, check out our Cargo Electric Bike page, or give us a call & we will discuss options and answer any questions you may have.

As always – Stay safe, keep cycling.