Lyke no other – Haibike Introduce Their All New eMTB

Haibike introduce their all new Full Suspension thorough-bred eMTB series. Featuring the new, innovative Fazua Ride 60 crank drive motor & frame integrated battery, and Haibikes latest CF frame geometry to achieve one hell of a USP. Lyke is born!

Published: Friday 02 September 2022

All New Haibike Lyke eMTB at E-Bikes Direct

A New E-ra

The Haibike range has of course broadened & developed since the brand was established in 1995, introducing the now staple XDURO & NDURO models back in the early 2010s, and later introducing their AllMountain, Hardseven, Hardnine, and Trekking models which have persisted to storm the E-Bike market since. It hass been a while since an all-new model has graced the market, but we are finally there.

Meet "Lyke"

The Lyke series consists of three members  The Lyke 10, Lyke 11, and Lyke CF SE.

While each model has its individual spec and componentry list in order to fit certain brackets and lifestyles, the entire range shares the same core values, innovative technology and assets that set it aside from the rest of the market… Whether it is the 10, or CF SE, you are benefiting from the latest Fazua drive system and 430Wh fully integrated battery, FOX suspension and of course Haibikes latest CF frameset. Whichever model you opt for, you are riding a Lyke and the reputation that comes with it! Usually, opting for a lower priced model translates to a less powerful motor, smaller battery range, less gears, or different technologies… so this is really refreshing from Haibike.

Let us start from the top.

Lyke CF SE

All New Lyke CF SE eMTB from Haibike at E-Bikes Direct

SE stands for special edition. Oh, it's definitely warranted.

If you've seen the imagery, I'm sure the Lyke CF SE has spoken for itself. Designed & built to proactively respond to whatever mother nature throws your way, this models price tag and incredibly prestigious component list will most likely appeal to you savvy (or savage?), well seasoned Mountain Bikers, to be coy. Those who are not governed by a comfort zone and need a machine that can confidently cater to that riding style… In other words, you can not use a heavy mallet on a flimsy nail, and visa versa.

As mentioned, the CF SE is built around Haibikes latest Lyke CF frame & geometry that integrates the Fazua Ride 60 drive system & 430Wh battery, but it is the attention to detail and refined componentry that steal the show & justify that price tag.

Up front you will find some FOX Float Factory suspension forks, a set of Raceface Next Carbon handlebars & Raceface Turbine SL stem. Within the frame you have a FOX Float X Factory damper that is designed & built to withstand the brute of some serious riding, and this is supported by a Mavic E-Crossmax XL R wheelset – and they are Carbon! Now, to a savvy rider, the bikes group-set is one of the most important features, so Haibike have included a Shimano XTR M9100 12 speed system to result in silky indexing and a broad range. Packing such a punch, it is easy to get carried away & let the adrenaline run away with you, so of course a decent braking system is essential… the equally as prestigious XTR M9120 hydraulic disc brake set up will definitely do the trick!

Lyke 11

All New Lyke 11 eMTB from Haibike at E-Bikes Direct

If you have read up on the CF SE and love what you see, but just can't quite justify that price tag or don't need such specialist componentry, the Lyke 11 has been designed for YOU.

This model instead features a Mavic E- Crossmax XL S Alloy wheelset, a Shimano Deore XT M8100 12 speed gearing system and Deore XT M8120 hydraulic disc brakes. As for suspension, you’re still in very reputable hands with the FOX Float Performance DPS Evol frame damper & FOX Float Performance suspension forks.

Lyke 10

All New Lyke 10 eMTB from Haibike at E-Bikes Direct

Although the youngest sibling in the range, it would be criminal to label it with the the bottom of the range tag and the stigma that comes with it. Don't get it twisted – the Lyke 10 is a serious bit of kit.

To reiterate, even the 10 maintains the same frameset and electric running gear as the rest of the range, and even adopts the same FOX Float Performance damper & forks as the 11. The 10 differs mainly through its Shimano SLX M7100 12 speed group-set and Deore M6120 hydraulic brake set up, and also features Schwalbe Wicked Will tyres as opposed to the Maxxis Dissector set that you’d find on the rest of the range.

The same cake, just slightly less icing…

The entire range has been built to withstand some serious riding & encourage a huge grin. Comparing the 10, to the CF SE is like comparing a Porsche 911 to a 911 Turbo… Regardless; you are driving a Porsche.

Fazua Ride 60

"More powerful than ever – yet super compact"

The Ride 60 is Fazuas all new, innovative drive system that has been designed for use with bikes of all purposes. Packing 60Nm of torque, with a combined motor and battery weight of under 4.5KG, Ride 60 has an un-matched power to weight ratio and delivers smooth, natural assistance and "incredibly intuitive handling". Fazua have even included a very handy USB port to keep your devices topped up on the go.

The system consists of 4 elements, with the option of extending your range by 50% 

Drive Unit

  • Compact, lightweight, efficient. Producing 60Nm torque that is delivered seamlessly – and it only weighs 1.9KG!

Fazua Energy 430Wh Integrated Battery

  • At only 2.3 kg, it allows for a perfectly integrated frame solution. When the bike moves, the battery is automatically switched on.

Fazua Ring Control

  • The minimalistic RING CONTROL on the handlebar utilizes an incredibly intuitive design. Here you can choose the riding mode, turn on the light and the walk assist – all without taking your eyes off the track.

Fazua LED Hub

  • The LED HUB with its five colour LEDs informs you not only about the battery charge and your riding mode. It also features a USB-C charging option, e.g. for your smartphone or GPS device, and an interface for ANT+ and bluetooth.

Fazua 230Wh Range Extender Option

  • Want more? With the Range Extender the rider gets to treat himself to an additional 210Wh of power. This battery will supplement the main battery or even replace it.

All New Ride 60 Drive System from Fazua

If you like the podium & want to differ from the crowd, being within the first to own a Lyke is sure to tick those boxes. Be a part of Haibikes next generation!

All Lyke models are available on our site today! Check them out for their full spec list.