Cutting Costs and Improving Well-Being – How Can Cycling Help?

It’s no secret that the UK’s economy has taken a considerable hit in the past couple of years. Covid-19 of course presented a huge threat to our lively-hood as we know it, and now, it seems just as we were starting to see the financial light at the end of the tunnel, soaring energy prices (and just about everything else) has meant we’re faced with the biggest cost of living crisis in 40 years. How has the UK adapted to this situation? And how might we make lemonade out of lemons going forward?

Published: Saturday 18 June 2022

How Can Cycling Cut Costs & Improve Health at E-Bikes Direct Outlet

Making Lemonade Out Of Some Pretty Bitter Lemons

If you’re someone who likes to listen to the Radio or keep track of the what’s going on in this manic world, you’ll most likely be sick of the sound of inflation talk, but also alarmed at the rate of which the very fundamentals are shooting North. The UK has responded rapidly to these increasing demands, but how much can we tighten the belt without it suffocating the Nation’s spirit? And how can we consume less, while still enjoying the things we love?


It’s January 2022. A strong scent of optimism and positivity seemed to blanket the UK as we went into what could only be a better year? Right?! Come February, the news of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine soon dampened that atmosphere, rather replacing it with a sense of ominosity of what the future held for Ukraine and indeed Europe. This conflict posed, of course, devastating consequences to those directly involved which should never be undermined or compared, but it does seem that the UK and various other countries are now experiencing the feared tail-end.

After 2 years of limited interaction, cancelled Holidays, disrupted work lives and a rich tapestry of negativity, the UK, understandably, had some serious steam to blow off and lost time to make up for…. In hindsight, possibly a damaging mindset to form with the upcoming challenges rearing their ugly head’s.

Sign of the Times

In June 2022, the BBC conducted two surveys involving over 4000 people in order to gauge what we as a nation have been doing to to aid this crisis.

How Can Cycling Help Cutting Back at E-Bikes Direct

The first survey asked what actions participants have been taking over the last 6 months to cut back and aid the current crisis… Whether folks have spent less on clothing, nights out, TV subscriptions, hair & beauty appointments etc. To summarise, the luxuries as opposed to necessities. It seems folks, nonetheless, have indeed cut back on such things, with over 50% saying yes to every single question.

The second survey seemed to paint a more critical picture, requesting the percentage of those who have in the last week; turned off lights, reduced the amount of food bought, used household appliances less, and have used transport less often. Again, over 50% of everyone surveyed agreed on every question bar 1. The contrast between cutting luxuries in the last 6 months, to now sacrificing household necessities is a some-what troubling sign of the times.

Cutting Back Improving Wellbeing at E-Bikes Direct

Now, while we hear constant drips & drabs of the attempts the government is making to help the public and of course the economy, it is tough to stay positive, and lack of a positive mindset often makes change a hard concept. So what can we do to better our mental wellbeing while cutting expenses?

It’s a Cycle..

Now, at E-Bikes Direct we love to shout about the mental & physical health benefits of cycling & E-Cycling, but we feel it’s never been so appropriate as it is now…It’s proven that simply getting out in the fresh air can boost serotonin and broaden perspective, as does physical exercise, so combining the two is sure to have profound affects, right?! – Damn right.

The benefits certainly don’t stop there. As we all very well know, fuel prices in the UK have again risen to a new record high, in some areas surpassing £2.00 per litre! Interestingly, the RAC has published an article explaining that as of 2020, the average new car will achieve around 50MPG, so with 4.5L to every Gallon, you’re looking at around £9 per 50 miles… Of course, new cars will be more efficient so this will actually increase for those with slightly older cars.

Energy is by no means cheap at the moment either, but even in today’s climate you can fully charge a 500Wh battery which tend to be capable of around 60 miles, for 5-25p! Of course, some lifestyles won’t support ditching the car, however you city go-ers with a brief commute, or those living near a train station could really cut a significant amount every day, while improving your mental well-being!

Exercise to improve your mental health, with in turn aids positive change, helps the environment & indeed the economy! It’s a full cycle, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Flexible Affordability

On a personal level, we all understand and appreciate that the lump sum of your average electric bike is enough to gulp, especially at the moment. Since establishing, E-Bikes Direct has always tried to supply electric bikes to the masses, and include the whole nation in what we believe to be the transport solution of the future. It’s for this reason that we offer monthly finance across all of our E-Bikes, and with our handy finance calculator you can check eligibility and get the ball rolling… If this sounds like it might appeal to you, please check out our Finance page or feel free to give us a call & one of our experienced sales team will run you through the process.

Cycle To Work

More ways to cycle! We’re partnered with various Cycle To Work schemes to further broaden our demographic, and they’re seeing more & more companies participating every month!

So what is ‘Cycle To Work’? Well, In a nut shell; The employer purchases the bike for the employee, the employer then claims back the VAT, and then your employees pay their employer back out of gross pay, rather then net pay. Essentially, you, the employee, benefit at no loss to the company or bicycle supplier. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Check out how our partnered Cycle To Work Schemes could benefit you, today! Of course, some employers are yet to participate, and if you’re an employee of such a company and want to kick them into gear, the company can apply on the GOV website! Check it out!

Every Little Helps!

We know that cycling doesn’t solve everything the world seems to be throwing our way, but getting out on the saddle is certainly a great way to start! With so many ways to get involved, and the potential of improving your personal lifestyle, it seems like a very strong start at that.

We’re always looking for ways to get the Nation cycling, so keep an eye out for discounts & promotions on some awesome products!