Spring It On It’s Way – Time To Get Out On The Water!

After a tough winter of lockdowns and storms, no doubt you (like us!) will be wanting to get out in wide open spaces to get away from your four walls. How about getting a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) or kayak? As you will see, these are a great and low cost way of getting away from the stress and bore of life ashore, and can have good health benefits too!

Published: Thursday 03 March 2022

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SUP Spring 2022?!

Paddle boarding has seen a boom in recent years as it is a chilled way to enjoy life afloat, without breaking the bank. During the pandemic people found it a good way to get out and about in a legal, socially distanced way. This is why from already being extremely popular, SUP saw a boom on Britain’s coasts and inland waterways in 2021.

Water & Well-being – A common link

Unless you’re a dedicated storm chaser, you probably haven’t been out much in recent weeks! It’s hard to keep the weight off when you’re hiding from the cold, unless of course you’re a gym type, and let’s face it, not everyone is!

Getting out in the fresh air and open water is a great way to avoid cough borne toxins and to burn off the carbs. Where it comes to paddle boarding, when you put the paddle in the water you’re moving your arms, and activating your upper body and core muscles to push it through the water. At the same time the energy from the paddling is transferred through your legs and onto the board for forward motion.

SUP Range at E-Bikes Direct

While not raising your pulse too much (at least once you’re figured out how to stand up without falling off!), paddle boarding is a good way of getting good cardio exercise and toning your muscles. At the same time, you’re out there, breathing fresh air and having a bit of an adventure. If a few of your friends or family are with you (or perhaps far enough away to give you some peace!), the combination of being outside and the bonding (or solitude!) that goes on is great for your head too.

Exploring uncharted Britain!

Being an island nation with some great rivers and lakes, a SUP or kayak is a good way to see the world from a different angle here in the UK. If you have a good waterproof case you might bring your mobile phone to take photos, while others bring a fishing rod or even do yoga while on them!

In the case of the Bestway Hydro-Force Lite-Rapid X2 Kayak you can take your kid paddling too, or a cool box to put your fish in, thanks to it being able to take up to 160kg of weight! Even on an SUP such as the Bestway Hydro-Force Fastblast Tech Inflatable SUP you can head up the coast away from the busy beach to explore further afield thanks to its stability and length. This, and the slightly shorter Bestway Hydro-Force Kahawai Surf Inflatable SUP are great paddleboards for enjoying the coastline and rivers of the UK in the coming summer.

Where it comes to exercise that not everyone enjoys, using a hand pump to inflate a kayak or SUP is got to be up there! That’s why we are stocking the Bestway Hydro-Force Auto Electric Air Pump that plugs into your car and leaves you still relaxed and with the energy to get out on the water!

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Go ahead… why not test the water?

Whatever your plans for going afloat this summer, you should have a look at the E-Bikes Direct Outlet store to see what we have on offer. We have eight kayaks and SUPs on sale this year and know they won’t be around for long – so get in there quick!