Summer Splashin’ – Sun, Friends; Bestway!

Live, laugh, and love, this summer. In a world currently forcibly crammed with everything but, an escape is an absolutely necessity. We’ve recently stocked a range of Bestway’s slightly special Power Steel Swim Vista pools, ranging in style, shape and dimension to suit a vast array of Britain’s gardens.

Published: Tuesday 08 March 2022

Bestway Above Ground Pools 2022 at E-Bikes Direct Outlet

The ‘Bestway’ To Enjoy UK’s Summer

Gone are the days of flimsy inflatable above ground pools… Bestway continue to lead the industry with innovation, product quality, and thus, seperior reputation. Although they produce pools of various shapes, sizes and design, their Power Steel construction and patented TriTech liners spell the same resiliance. The Bestway Above Ground Pool range is sure to add a touch of Sunshine to your outdoor living space.

Why Above Ground?

There’s a reason that the UK is crammed full of public leisure centres and our Beaches crowd with a single beam of sunshine… While we’d all love a pool in the garden, the labour cost of having one built followed by sky-high heating bills tends to pose a problem… An above ground pool is revolutionary in it’s accessibility to the masses. A simple online purchase, a little space, 3 hours of assembly time and a hose pipe is all that’s needed for a summer of tranquillity. It’s a no brainer?

For a whole lot less, to put it lightly, even if you don’t feel confident with assembly and decide to pay for the labour to put an above-ground pool up, you’re going to have a stylish and fun outlet, having saved potentially tens of thousands…

Now, while you love the idea of having such serenity in your own livid quarters, you may also have concerns about an above ground pool’s suitability to your garden. Fear not… while not stocked with us quite yet, Bestway produce pools as small as 7ft, whether that be Fast Set, or Steel Pro… Not ideal for swimming, as such, but nonetheless great for littlens and cooling off.

Bestway Above Ground Swim Vista Power Steel Pool at E-Bikes Direct Outlet

Should your outdoor living space accomodate something on the larger side, head over & check out the Bestway Power Steel Swim Vista 18ft x 48″ Above Ground Swimming Pool. Big enough for family games, finished in a decked wood style to achieve that rural woodland retreat vibe. If you think an 18ft might be a touch big, check out the 16ft x 48″ model. Featuring Bestway’s reinforced Steel frame, and of-course, the all new Swim Vista transparent portholes… Great for keeping an eye on the kids.

Oval, or Round?

Oval pools are a great option for some garden lay-outs. Certainly with the larger models, although you’re not going to be able to pace Olympic lengths as you would in a traditional pool, users seem to love that they have the ability to actually swim, albeit very briefly… Let’s have a look at the Power Steel Swim Vista 18’x 9’x 48” above ground pool, for example.

Bestway Above Ground Swim Vista Power Steel Oval Pool at E-Bikes Direct Outlet

Sold as a complete kit, this 5.5m beast includes a ladder, pool cover and filter pump to tick every box, under one incredibly competivivey priced umbrella. We’ve got a 14ft model available for those with limited garden space, and we now stock a 16ft model for those on the fence… if you’ll excuse the pun.

Why Bestway?

With their stylish looks and reputation for leak-proof, high quality outdoor pools, Bestway are the brand to beat when it comes to an above ground pool. All the kits we sell at E-Bikes Direct Outlet include a pump, filter and chemical dispenser to keep the nasties out as well as a ladder and cover for safety.

With their attractive inclusive price, ease of setting up, and stylish designs, the reasons to go Bestway, soon stack up.

If youy’re looking for a means to train for swimming the channel, a Bestway Above Ground Pool might not be for you… If you’re looking for a means of soaking up the Summer sun with family and friends, or escaping the hussle n’ bussle of today’s world, you’re most likely in the right place! Check out our full range NOW! More to be added in due course.