The All New Protocol Hybrid – ‘Covering All Basis’

The Electric Bike market in 2022 demands innovation & reliability, yet the current economic climate demands value for money… A tough combination, but we think the Protocol fits the criteria!

Published: Monday 28 February 2022

Basis Protocol Hybrid Cross Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

Celebrating the latest addition to the Basis Electric Bike family.

Though we do sell leading makes of e-bikes such as Lapierre, Haibike and Raleigh, core to our philosophy is offering affordable e-bikes. Over the last few years we have developed our in-house brand Basis that uses tried and tested technology to provide you with light, reliable and efficient machines for leisure, errands, or just to get to and from work. Over the years we’ve refined design & welcomed innovation to match the pace of the ever growing Electric Bike market, and the latest addition to the fleet, we think, really reflects that progression.

Lets have a look at the latest Basis Bikes has to offer!

Just following ‘Protocol’…

New Basis Protocol Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

The range has previously seen additions of Electric Mountain Bikes, Folding Electric Bikes, Ladies focused Step-Through E-Bikes, and of course the rigid ‘Hybrid’ model. The all new Protocol is slightly special as it combines the best attributes of each style bicycle to form an incredibly well designed, well rounded daily rider that’s Unisex design & geometry really broadens it’s target demographic.

At E-Bikes Direct we receive a lot of customer suggestion requests based on, usually, very specific criteria.. As the E-Bike market grows, more & more customers are recognising their benefits and thus desiring a machine that caters to all areas of their lives, and while we of course endeavour to find a machine that ticks as many boxes as possible, it can be tricky cocktail to shake. The ethos behind the Protocol was to cover as many ‘Basis’ as possible…

The design process of the Protocol began with a city focused, single speed, rigid Electric Bike. Based around a lightweight Alloy frame, the swaying factor came from it’s sleek battery integration, housing a 7Ah tubular battery to achieve a well balanced centre of gravity, but also a traditional, bulk free aesthetic. From that point, we knew we wanted to add componentry that increases it’s capability and thus appeals to a wider audience, so we’ve kitted the bike with some Suntour suspension forks to aid with stubborn terrain and cope with an unpredictable detour. For those embarking on daily commutes, rural or urban, hills are a given, so the Protocol boasts a 6 speed Shimano gearing system which, in unison with the 5 power assistance modes, eliminates that unwanted strain. As for the rolling gear, Basis have thrown on a set of 700c wheels, commonly used on Road Bikes, that typically aspire pace and endurance which is sure to thrive in city surroundings, while the supporting CST hybrid tyres add comfort, traction and indeed versatility.

In an incredibly competitive market, even within the ‘budget’ bracket, it’s the attention to detail that determine popularity. With that in mind, we ditched the common LED control unit and replaced it with a a large LCD display, and details such as it’s mechanical disc brakes, deep-V alloy wheels and CST reflective tyres we’re an essential addition.

Built from the ground up, we’ve specifically selected components that typically belong on various styles of E-Bikes, to create a 2 wheeled Swiss-army knife (bar the folding element!), for lack of a better phrase! We’re really confident of it’s future popularity within the already established Basis brand.

If it’s not broken, why fix it? Basis’ favourites are back!


Basis Dorchester Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

Over the 13 years of E-Bikes Direct we like to think we’ve gained some market knowledge, becoming familiar with what people want and what seems to be popular with various target audiences. One of the market leaders for the general public seems to be step-through Dutch style city bicycles, most probably due to a combination of their easy-entry frame, posture focused cycling position, comfortable larger wheels and general practicality, usually with pannier racks or a basket to get the shopping home etc. The Dutch cycling scene has now become a trend even within the younger audiences, with style becoming more and more of a focal point too.

The Dorchester returns! A step through city electric bike with a ‘sit up and enjoy the view’ riding stance. The idea behind the Dorchester was to cater for those who enjoy a leisurely ride around the city or need something to pop to the shops on and want to look good doing so, but might come across some rough terrain and steep inclines along the way. The Suspension forks and 700c wheels eat up the nooks & cranny’s on those country lanes while the 38c tyres create little drag so you can set pace when need be. It’s no secret that you can pick up a step through e-Bike for under £1000, but with front suspension forks, Shimano 6 speed gearing, a 7.8Ah battery (LG Cells), lightweight alloy frame and, to state the obvious, an integrated battery – you might not find so easily. An impressive components list, versatility, practicality and charming aesthetics make for a serious competitor in it’s league.

At the opposite end of the scale you have the Mountain Bike, or ‘MTB’. Loved for their durability and ability to tackle terrain you wouldn’t on any other bike, with a step over frame, dirt tread tyres and suspension making for a safe all-rounder to consider buying… I guess, you can’t ride a road bike down a muddy, rocky trail but you can ride an MTB on the road!


Basis Hunter Electric Bike eMTB at E-Bikes Direct

So, perhaps you’re after something a little more aggressive, something with MTB characteristics that provides a more confident off-road riding style but as mentioned, will happily breeze down a road or tackle a lengthy commute. Following the beacon’s footsteps – The Basis Hunter, with it’s step-over MTB frame and front suspension forks, but with a little more flair and radical styling. The torquey 250w rear hub motor will climb the steepest of inclines without you breaking a sweat, working in unison with the 6 speed gearing. Powered by the same integrated 7.8Ah battery seen in the Dorchester providing up to 25 adrenaline fuelled miles. Coming in slightly smaller than the Dorchester and Beacon, the Hunter is the ideal pocket rocket.


There’s only one unpopular trait of a classic folding electric bike, and that’s wheel size. Meet the Basis Hybrid full sized folding electric bicycle – The very best of both worlds. A folding 20″ bicycle is known for providing unmatched transport solutions for city go-er commuters, public transporters and park & riders, however it’s unlikely that one of these would be your first choice for a rural Sunday trek! The Basis Hybrid depicts the harmonious combination of a neat and compact transport or storage solution, and a full sized hybrid bike with the urge for adventure. Larger 700c trekking wheels and tyres make light work out of a little rough, also providing for more roll, for less pedal!

Although a slightly newer member to the fleet, the Basis Hybrid has proven to be an incredibly popular option for all ages and walks of life. We’ve just received the latest batch of these, and there wasn’t a lot to tweak!

Boasting a 9.6Ah battery, the Hybrid Full Size Folding Electric Bike is more than capable of good 30 miles run from a single charge, with a punchy 250w front hub motor delivering a linear, consistant power. A great addition, and one that you don’t see too often on entry level bikes, is the front & rear Disc brake system… Designed with attributes suited to multiple purposes, this is a great way to provide confident stopping power regrardless of terrain or conditions. With a few handy extras such as a rear rack, full mudguards and side-stand, it’s fair to say there’s not much left to desire, especially with a sub £800 machine!

A well rounded brand, expanded!

Whether or not the latest Protocol machine is your cup of tea, you’d be a mug not to check out the rest of the range! With stock of your favourites having just landed, and fresh meat on the block, why not see what the fuss is about? We have a Protocol built up in our showroom, so come & have a test ride within our beautiful Bodiam surroundings. Call to arrange a viewing, today!