Merida Sizing Guide

Finding the Perfect Merida Frame Size For you…

We are proud to stock the top end Taiwanese electric bike brand Merida for the first time this year. The company was founded when its owner visited the United States on business where he discovered that Taiwanese goods were associated with poor quality and ‘cheap and nasty’. He decided to change that by making a brand of bicycle that is at least as good as any American or European make on the road today.

When the company moved into electric bikes, again this was not to compete with cheaper, Chinese machines but to go head to head with the better European and US brands on the market. So, now you’re thinking of buying a Merida machine from E-Bikes Direct, let’s look at sizing the machine for you so you get the best possible experience from riding it.

How tall are you?

This might be a question your doctor asks you from time to time as part of a generalised health check. You may not have been asked this since school! You need to stand up straight with your back against the wall and get someone to put a spot on the wall with a felt tip pen from the very top of your head. You then measure your height from the floor.

Merida’s electric bike sizes are in three ranges – the eMTB, e-trekking and e-road size ranges. Let’s take a brief look at each.

Electric Mountain Bike Size Guide

There are five sizes of electric mountain bike frames. These are XS, S, M, L, and XL:

XS is for people under 163cm. Small is for those in the range of 157-173cm, Medium is for 167 – 183 cm, Large is for 177 – 190 cm and Extra Large for those 187cm and taller.

If you are on a full suspension machine then you should try the lower size machine for your size range and on a hardtail then the bigger of the range. On a full-sus machine a 167cm tall person would go for an XS while the same sized person should try a S hardtail.

Merida Trekking Electric Bike Size Guide

The XS in this range is for the person under 160cm, while the S is for 150-170cm. The M is for someone 161 – 180 cm, L for the rider 171 – 190 cm tall and the XL is for someone over 185cm tall.

Merida e-City Frame Sizes

Merida offer smaller bikes for bigger people in this range. The XS is for people smaller than 158cm, S 155 – 165 cm, M 160 – 177 cm, L 168 – 185 cm, and XL is for people over 180cm.

Try before you buy?

Ultimately you need to know how comfortable you are riding a machine as it’ll be your back, shoulders, bum and legs feeling it after you’ve put the miles in! That also makes sense for anyone about to pay four figures for a machine – you really need to look closely at it. As such we always advise people to try a bike before they actually buy it.

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