Our company has been built on an underpinning knowledge of the use and quality of different electric bikes brought about from staff with years of experience previously working within the electric bike industry.

We have a wide range of electric bicycles from the top brands on the market. We have electric bikes under £900 if you are on a budget, both step through and step over frames and a nice range of folding electric bikes.

All of our e-bikes adhere to UK regulations. For more information on UK legislation and any other questions you have on electric cycling, how to ride an electric bike and which electric bike is best for you then please visit our All Questions Answered Page. Wikipedia also have a very informative page on the history of the electric bicycle.

Why buy an electric bike?

Electric bikes help save the environment, your health and your wallet at the same time. By riding an electric bike, not only will you be saving money on ever rising fuel costs, tax and insurance fees. You will also be getting some valuable exercise and improving your health with minimal effort.

Why not take a look at one of the Government Ride to Work Schemes designed to reduce pollution, congestion and fuel consumption across the United Kingdom.

You might be surprised what you could save with Electric Bikes Direct.

Electric Bikes under £900

Elevate your ride with the latest in cost-effective e-bike technology

You don't have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of owning and riding an Electric Bike. Discover a wide range of affordable, high-performance electric mountain bikes, such as the Basis Hunter and the Basis Beacon Electric Mountain Bike from E-Bikes Direct. Both of which have the looks, style, and price to put a smile on your face.

If you need something that will take you to work in the week, a trip to the shops for lunch, and then out for a family ride at the weekend then why not check out our array of hybrid bikes! Look no further for the perfect balance between a road bike and a mountain bike, the Basis Protocol is the perfect choice for those splitting their time between commuting and leisure.

Looking for the style and charm of a Dutch style commuter? We have the sleek Basis Dorchester Hybrid and its condensed little brother – The Basis Dorchester 24".

These step-through city commuter hybrids are versatile and able to tackle a number of terrains & purposes.

Do you travel around the big city on your daily commute or head out for family adventures on the train or in the car? We have the perfect folding electric bikes for you! The space-saving Basis Osprey folds down into a small package that will easily fit into a car or while using public transport. All while providing great battery range. If you're looking for a folding bike that has extra adaptability, then the Basis Hybrids or the Basis Boxer may be the folding bike for you! With larger wheels compared to regular folding bikes, you'll have the same ability as other folding bike riders, with the added bonus of being able to take on a wider variety of terrains.

Whatever your riding requirements, our selection of sub £900 E-Bikes are the perfect way to start your battery-powered adventures!

Electric Bikes under £1500

Sustainable transportation for under £1500! We have an e-bike for all types of riders…

If you're commuting throughout the week and need something to take the stress out of your daily ride, we’ve got you covered with a great range of bikes including the Dallingridge Malvern. The Malvern is a stylish Trekking bicycle… but scratch a little beneath the surface to find a punchy 250w motor spoked within the rear wheel & a generous 14Ah battery cleverly integrated within the frame, exaggerating the bikes and, indeed, your capabilities, allowing up to 50 miles of electrically assisted touring or commuting!

Hitting the trails this weekend? We have a large selection of Electric Mountain Bikes (eMTB) from the biggest brands available. Check out the Dallingridge Coniston, an excellent pedal-assisted eMTB at a low-cost price. The Coniston is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable, well-equipped all-rounder… for those who want to comfortably and confidently veer off the beaten track, but perhaps need a little kick or fancy an added boost of adrenaline.

Built around an ergonomic Step-Through Alloy frame, the Dallingridge Harlow is designed for ease of use & rider versatility. Quickly & easily hop on for your errand runs, city or rural commute, or Sunday family adventure – and with its handy rear rack, your luggage is taken care of. Cushioned by the 63mm Suntour suspension forks & hybrid tyres, you will find performance & comfort aren't compromised by a little rough.

Get the most for your money with E-Bikes Direct.

Folding Electric Bikes

Looking for an adaptable bike that won't fold under pressure? We've got you covered!

The space-saving Basis Osprey and Dallingridge Oxford both fold down into a small package that will easily fit into a car or while using public transport (folded dimensions just 78cm Deep, 40cm Wide, 66cm Height). All while providing great battery range and a top speed of 15.5mph.

If you are looking for a larger wheel sized folding bike that has extra adaptability then the Basis Hybrids or the Basis Boxer may be the folding bikes for you! With larger wheels compared to regular folding bikes, you will have the same ability as other folding bike riders, with the added bonus of being able to take on a wider variety of terrains.

Hybrid Electric Bikes

A hybrid electric bike, often referred to simply as a hybrid, is a versatile and adaptable bicycle designed to combine features from different types of bikes, making it suitable for a variety of riding conditions and terrains. Hybrids are designed to offer a comfortable, efficient, and practical cycling experience, whether for commuting, leisurely rides, or light off-road adventures. They will usually be equipped with a rear luggage rack, mudguards and medium tread tyres to give maximum rider comfort but if you need to upgrade on any of these then just let us know and we can customise the bike to suit your needs

We have a huge selection of Hybrid Electric Bikes to discuss with you but as a starting point, our own design and brand offers the Basis Dorchester Hybrid or the more commuter focussed Basis Protocol or for a step up in budget the Dallingridge Harlow Hybrid electric bike will allow you to quickly & easily hop on for your errand runs, city or rural commute, or Sunday family adventure! With its handy rear rack, your luggage is taken care of. Cushioned by the 63mm Suntour suspension forks & hybrid tyres, you will find performance & comfort isn't compromised by a little rough.

Step-Over Electric Bikes

Step over, also known as a diamond or high bar, are a traditional bicycle frame design characterized by a straight top tube that extends horizontally from the head tube to the seat tube. This design creates a diamond-shaped structure when viewed from the side. Step over frames are commonly associated with road, mountain and hybrid bikes.

The rigid structure of the frame helps with power transfer, responsive handling, and enhances stability at higher speeds and during aggressive manoeuvres, making it well-suited for riders seeking a dynamic and responsive riding experience. Check out the Dallingridge Diablo, Basis Protocol, or the excellent Basis Beacon Electric Mountain Bike for some inspiration!

One consideration with step over frames is the need to lift the leg over the top tube when mounting and dismounting the bike. This may be less convenient for individuals with mobility limitations or specific clothing choices, as an alternative we would suggest looking towards our excellent selection of Step-Through bikes.

Step-Through Electric Bikes

Gone are the days of awkwardly swinging a leg over a high bar or struggling with wardrobe constraints. Step-through frames eliminate these hurdles, making every ride a smooth and accessible adventure

Step-through bikes, with their distinctive low-step frame design, have been a hallmark of accessibility, convenience, and style in the world of cycling.

The defining feature of a step-through bike is the absence of a top tube, creating an accessible way to effortlessly step into a world of cycling comfort. This design is a game-changer for anyone seeking an easy and graceful entry onto their two-wheeled companion. The Basis Dorchester Hybrid and the Dallingridge Harlow are great examples of a step through framed electric bike.

Whether you're zipping through city streets or exploring scenic pathways, these bikes offer the freedom to stop and start with ease. The lowered top tube facilitates quick stops, allowing riders to confidently plant both feet on the ground while seated, enhancing stability and reassurance.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Also referred to as e-MTBs, these bikes extend the range of exploration, making it possible to savour more singletracks, reach higher summits, and embark on grander adventures.

As riders pedal, the electric motor seamlessly kicks in, offering a boost of energy that turns daunting uphill battles into manageable challenges. This harmonious blend of human effort and mechanical assistance grants access to breathtaking vistas and remote trails that were once beyond reach.

With crank-driven options the motor will amplifiy the riders power to the motor so responding to the terrain and output required for the multi-terrain rides

The battery-powered e-MTB is also a blast on downhill trails. Allowing you to focus more on the next turn, and less on pedalling! The cream of the crop of these specialised bikes include the excellent Lapierre Overvolt Hardtail 7.6, the award-winning Merida eOne-Sixty 10K, and the top-tier Haibike Nduro 8 Freeride.

Check out our full range of Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes

Check out our full range of Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes

Hub Driven Electric Bikes

Hub-driven electric bikes, also known as hub motor electric bikes, are a type of electric bicycle where the motor is integrated directly into one of the bike's wheel hubs. This design results in a discreet and compact electric system that provides pedal assistance to aid the rider in their cycling efforts.

Pedal-assist hub-driven electric bikes are equipped with sensors that detect the rider’s pedalling cadence, torque, or speed. Based on these inputs, the motor engages and provides an appropriate level of assistance. This creates a natural and intuitive riding experience. Great examples of hub driven electric bikes are the Basis Dorchester Hybrid, Basis Osprey and the Dallingridge Coniston.

Hub-driven electric bikes are popular among urban commuters and riders who prioritize simplicity and aesthetics. They provide a convenient way to incorporate electric assistance into daily rides without significantly altering the feel of traditional cycling. However, the choice between hub-driven and other electric bike systems depends on the rider's specific needs, terrain, and preferences.

Crank Driven Electric Bikes

Crank-driven electric bikes, also known as mid-drive electric bikes, are a type of electric bicycle where the motor is located near the bike's crankset (pedal area) and is directly connected to the bike's drivetrain. This unique design provides several advantages, making mid-drive systems a popular choice for various riding scenarios.

In crank-driven electric bikes, the motor is typically positioned around the bottom bracket area, where the pedals and crank arms are connected. This central location ensures that the motor's power is directly transmitted to the bike’s drivetrain. Similar to other types of electric bikes, mid-drive systems are powered by a rechargeable battery mounted on/in the bike's frame.

Crank-driven electric bikes primarily operate in pedal-assist mode, where the motor activates in response to the rider's pedalling efforts. Sensors detect parameters such as pedalling cadence, torque, and speed. Based on these inputs, the motor provides assistance that complements the rider's effort, creating a natural and balanced riding experience.

One of the key advantages of mid-drive systems is their ability to leverage the bike’s existing gears. Because the motor is connected to the drivetrain, it can take advantage of the bike’s gear ratios to optimize power delivery. This makes mid-drive systems particularly effective on steep hills and varied terrain.

Crank drive electric bikes are versatile and can be used for various riding styles, including commuting with the Lapierre e-Urban 3.4, mountain biking with the Basis Hunter, and touring with the Raleigh Motus Tour PLUS.

Their ability to utilize the bike's gears and provide strong torque makes them an excellent choice for hilly terrain and demanding rides.

Basis Electric Bikes

Basis Electric Bikes are an own brand of E-Bikes Direct and exclusively available offering a broad range of affordable and reliable electric bikes that appeal to riders of all corners of the spectrum. Starting with the Basis Osprey Folder and Beacon e-MTB which proved immensely popular to city goers and adventurists, we have grown the brand yearly, adding models of different styling and purpose to form a well-rounded & established range.

Electric Trikes & Cargo Bikes

Adapting as the industry does. We have seen a growing demand for the once niche pockets of electric assisted vehicles such as E-Cargo Bikes & E-Trikes. With food delivery taking the world by storm and built up areas suffering from pollution and congestion, Cargo Bikes are depicted by commercial corporations as THE solution, which, given the heavily weighted pro’s is no wonder. We’re expanding this pocket of the industry in real time, so keep an eye out!

Electric Tricycles are a great solution to cycling stability issues. Usually formed around an easy-entry frame with handy storage and all of the usual E-Bike goodies, these may appeal to those adventurists with a declining confidence on 2 wheels. Although not as widely stocked, see our Electric Trike range or get in touch to enquire and we will see how we can help.

In a nut shell, regardless of budget, purpose or rider specifics, we have something to suit all, down to an E.

E-Bikes Direct

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