What sized Cube electric bike do you need?

Here we will discuss what size Cube electric bike you should buy.

If you’re a six foot bloke and try to ride your five year old’s machine not only will it be comical but also very difficult. Your knees will be round your ears and you’ll be in a very stressful position. From this extreme mental image you can see that you really need to buy the right sized machine for your riding.

To add to this mix you need a different sized bike according to the type of riding you are doing. There are more frame sizes available for Cube’s range of electric mountain bikes than there are for the Cube electric touring and electric road bikes. This is because eMTB is a lot more arduous on the whole body than road riding, and getting exactly the right size can ensure you will get more comfortable miles in.

How big are you?

Electric bike frame sizes are based on how tall you are. You need to stand against a wall and get someone to measure you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet (shoes off!). This should inform you as to what to look at.

Cube electric road and trekking bike size

Let’s be a little more specific and look at the two types of Cube electric bikes we sell and what size you will need for each. The sizes are the same for road and trekking machines, but differ for an eMTB.

If you are 155-168 cm tall you will need a 46-50cm frame size.

For someone 168-180cm tall then you need a frame size of 50-54cm

A 180-192cm tall rider will need a 54-58cm frame. If you’re taller than that, Cube also offers a 58-62 cm frame.

Cube EMTB frame size

Generally you need a smaller mountain bike frame than you would for road or trekking machine. This is down to the way you use it. You will take tighter turns and need to manoeuvre the frame between your legs a lot more as you deal with tougher terrain. For taller people that will mean having a longer seat-post and higher handlebars in a very different overall geometry to that of a road bike.

Cube offer eight frame sizes for their eMTB bikes for riders in the range of 155-200 cm. The smallest this brand makes is the 15 inch frame (155-165cm rider) but this goes up to 16” (165-171cm), 17” (171-175cm), 18” (175-180cm)… all the way up to the 23 inch frame for the 200cm tall guy or gal.

Try before you buy!

Your best bet before spending what can be a couple of thousand pounds or so will be to see if you can go for a test ride to see what frame size is the best for you. Give us a call and come down to our showroom (by appointment only!) on 01580 830959. We will happily let you find out just what size Cube electric bike you need.



Rider Height Inside Leg Road E-Bike Mountain E-Bike Hybrid E-Bike

Feet Inches




4’10” – 5’0″

147 – 152cm


47, 48cm (XX Small)

13” (X Small)

13”, 14" (X Small)

5’0″ – 5’3″

152 – 160cm


49, 50cm (X Small)

13”, 14” (X Small)

14”, 15” (X Small, Small)

5’3″ – 5’7″

160 – 170cm


51, 52, 53cm (Small)

15”, 16" (Small)

15”, 16" (Small)

5’7″ – 5’9”

170 – 175cm


54, 55cm (Medium)

17", 18” (Medium)

17", 18” (Medium)

5’9” – 5’11″

175 – 180cm


56, 57, 58cm (Large)

18”, 19" (Medium, Large)

19”, 20" (Large)

5’11″ – 6’2″

180 – 188cm


59, 60cm (X Large)

19", 20” (Large)

20", 21” (Large, X Large)

6’2″ – 6’5″

188 – 196cm


60, 61, 62cm (X Large, XX Large)

20", 21”, 22” (Large, X Large)

21”, 22” (Large, X Large)

6’5″ +

196cm +


62, 63cm (XX Large)

23", 24” (XX Large)

23", 24” (XX Large)

To speak to someone about sizing, please give us a call on 01580 830959

Alternatively you can contact us by clicking here.

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