Are Electric bicycles legal to ride in the UK?

The question we are asked most often and quite simply answered with an emphatic YES! All of our electric bikes are road legal for use within the UK.

Click this link to enter the Department Of Transport

As long as electric bikes are in line with the following criteria they are 100% road legal for use within the UK:

  • The bike must not be able to power itself over 15mph.
  • The RATED output of the motor must not exceed 200w
  • The maximum curb-side weight must not exceed 40kg.

"An Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle which complies with the technical requirements in SI 1983/1168 (an “EAPC”) (above points 1 –3) is not considered to be a motor vehicle within the meaning of The Road Traffic Act 1988. An EAPC is not required to be registered, have a vehicle license or a nil license, pay vehicle excise duty (road tax) or be insured as a motor vehicle. An EAPC cannot be ridden by anyone under the age of 14 years.

There are no requirements to wear a helmet, although we would strongly recommend this.

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