Infineum Electric Bikes

Infineum Extreme is the first electric bike from the new Infineum brand of high-end electric bikes. Based on an innovative British design the Infineum Extreme takes a major step forward in power assisted cycling with the longest ever continuous cycling distances, a result of the unique Infineum stackable LPX battery system.

The Infineum range brings a radical new concept in power-assisted-cycling by introducing for the first time a unique patented stackable battery system that multiplies the travel distance as extra batteries are added to stack on the dedicated rear rack. For long journeys between recharges the Infineum Extreme can accommodate extra batteries on the same rack, so greatly extended distance journeys become feasible, without stopping to change the batteries or recharge.

The Infineum Extreme is built for quality, incorporating quality components throughout, including Shimano Alivio gears and brake sets, Rock Shox shock absorbers and a Cane Creek headset. A back lit bicycle computer shows battery level and speed mph. The Extreme is based on a lightweight aluminium frame and weighs just 20kg including the battery.

Infineum Extreme Electric Bike Video