The Convertible eMTB – Lapierre’s eZesty AM, Powered By Fazua

A cheater bike that you can de-cheat?! The Fazua Evation 1.0 Drive Pack plus 250Wh Battery Pack on the Lapierre eZesty 9.0 eMTB can be stripped off your bike in just seconds, not only eliminating the motor resistance, but also scrapping a mighty 3.3Kg from the bikes original weight! An eMTB for lengthy, demanding tear ups, a lighter, more nimble MTB for flowing downhill or slopestyle trails… Think of this Fazua powered eZesty as a swiss army knife on wheels?

Published: Thursday 25 March 2021

Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 Powered By Fazua

Intrigued? Lets delve a little deeper…

Motor Resistance Remived

As a savvy E-Bike rider/adventurist, you’ll know what it is like riding a Bosch, Shimano or Bafang crank motor once you’ve run out of juice. Not only are you pushing the added weight (perhaps 5kg or more) but you’re also pushing against the motor and gearbox.

In some distant future a widget could be used to charge the battery up by pedaling on a motor system that is switched off. A generator is a motor being pushed by an outside force instead of pulling with an electrical input.

The upshot of that is, when you either have the system switched off or are pushing things over the legally mandated 25km/h limit you’re pushing against the resistance of the motor, essentially capping yours & the bike’s capability…Not what you want from such a machine.

Fazua’s Evation 1.0 system allows you to remove the motor in just a few clicks. This immediately takes away the resistance from the pedaling. With that you’re on a traditional machine, albeit one with a frictionless gearbox on the bottom bracket.

Fazua Evation 1.0 Powered Lapierre eZesty

Weight Saving

By removing solely the battery, you’re knocking 1.9Kg off the original dry weight of the eZesty 9.0, and, as with most electric Mountain Bikes you can remove the battery with a click, removing a further 1.4Kg which makes the grand saving of 3.3KG – On a bike that only weighs around 19.5KG anyway!

“What about the gearbox?” You got us! The gearing system is around 1.3kg so you’re not technically removing every remanence of electric running gear, but even so, saving close to 7.3lbs of weight, or half a stone in old money, is pretty good going if you ask us. Imagine removing a full 4 litre drink from your bottle holder…Yep.

You’ve Got The Power, Why Would You Want To Remove It?!

Experienced riders switching from MTB to eMTB, we suspect could list a few gripes where it comes to riding an eMTB with say a Bosch, Yamaha or Shimano system. The compromised weight, agility, or bulky handlebar display might come into it – all of which flattened by the Fazua’s innovative design. But, if you’re buying electric, why would you want to remove that?

  • Perhaps you’re a savvy, healthy MTB rider with plenty of gas left in the tank and you can’t justify the ‘cheater’ stigma from your pals, but you won’t say no to a little help (if no one’s looking!)
  • Maybe your’re no stranger to shredding a few berms but your former glory is fading, you have good & bad days. The Fazua allows you to adapt as your physical state demands.
  • A great training machine? Competitions demand 110%, and you want to reserve that energy for the big day but still need to train. Install the motor should you need a rest, remove if you want to push yourself.
  • You might be a Pro or elite Amateur with an ongoing injury or medical condition. You’re a thoroughbred rider that wants an authentic riding feel with a discreet ‘encouragement’ as opposed to assistance.
  • Your surroundings and conditions vary every minute when you’re riding, so you need something that quickly & easily provides a push to the top, and allows free-rein on the way down.

Fazua Powered Lapierre eZesty AM

The Fazua Evation Is Cable Free!

Another thing that we really like about the Fazua system is that it uses remote controls instead of cables. Basically the controller monitors the battery and delivers the power instructions to the motor wirelessly. Although in-tube cable technology is pretty good, if Bosch and Shimano can’t bring themselves to make a removable motor system, the wireless remote system, we’re afraid, might take over!

More weight saving. A chip and transmitter/receiver is always going to be lighter and more convenient than various cables flapping about, and maintenance is another area that benefits from this design.

Can’t Win Em’ All!

The modular Fazua Evation 1.0 system can generate around 55Nm of torque. Compared to the beefier Bosch or Yamaha systems (that can turn out 80Nm on the newer models) this is a weak point, and you’ll need to pedal a little harder to reach the summit at the same time as say, a Haibike Hardseven 4, however we think the pros truly outweigh the cons.

The 250Wh battery might be another con for some. Now days you can get 625Wh batteries on some machines, of course boasting more range & gaining a few brownie points, however what the Fazua lacks in range, it more than makes up for when it comes to weight saving!

We would argue that the Lapierre eZesty AM 9.0 Full Sus eMTB isn’t for the same market as say, the Overvolt TR series. It is aimed at people who for whatever reason can’t whole-heartedly make the leap to the E-side, just as much as it’s aimed at those who are used to eMTB riding and fancy more of a challenge. Versatile in terms of target rider, versatile in character.

Check It Out!

Of course, we wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t worth the type time. This is a severely understaded machine & drive system that seemingly got lost in the tyre smoke of the Haibike Flyon & Bosch/Yamaha systems. The USP speaks for itself. We’re stocked up with both the eZesty AM LTD & AM 9.0, with a couple of frame sizes available.

Fazua Powered Lapierre eZesty AM