Basis – What’s New From The E-Bikes Direct Homebaked Brand?

E-Bikes Directs exclusive brand, Basis, has launched two new models of affordable and charming electric bikes, the Basis Cardinal Step-Through, and the Basis Hybrid full size folding E-Bike.

Published: Thursday 08 April 2021

Basis Cardinal Rigid Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

Celebrating the latest addition to the Basis Electric Bike family.

Though we do sell leading makes of e-bikes such as Lapierre, Haibike and Raleigh, core to our philosophy is offering affordable e-bikes. Over the last few years we have developed our in-house brand Basis that uses tried and tested technology to provide you with light, reliable and efficient machines for fun, errands, or just to get to and from work.

Let’s look at the two new models we have launched for 2021!

Basis Cardinal Step Through Hybrid Electric Bike

Designed to mould to all walks of life, the Cardinal Step Through is available in 2 models. While maintaining the same ethos and general design, you can choose the best spec to suit your lifestyle;

  • Cardinal Rigid, 7.8Ah Battery
  • You want something elegant, comfortable, stylish. You need a means of leisure, to run errands or complete your short commute every day, but your regular routes mostly consist of flat, less demanding terrain. The Cardinal Rigid has been designed with ‘blade’ non-suspension forks and a smaller 7.8Ah battery to reduce cost where it’s purpose deems it redundant. You might be thinking, “that sounds uncomfortable, and a ‘smaller’ battery might die mid commute?!”, but fear not! The battery will still happily churn out 25 miles, which is likely plenty to cover your city commute, and the 1.75″ trekking tyres will help to bridge that comfort gap should you come across a little rough. Priced at £799, why wouldn’t you take a look at the Cardinal Rigid? It might just be perfect for you.

    Basis Cardinal Rigid Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

  • Cardinal FS, 13Ah Battery
  • Now, if you’re still reading and aren’t convinced by the rigid model, the front suspension & hefty 13Ah battery upgrade might just sway you. You might be someone who wants that elegance and quaint traditional styling, but lives in a rural area with a more demanding journey? Someone with a more lengthy and unpredictable commute into the city? Or perhaps you’re someone whos journey and lifestyle varies and you need something a little more versatile to be able to adapt? That slightly higher £949 price tag might prove well worth it! Check the Cardinal FS out for size.

    Basis Cardinal FS 13Ah Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

    If you’re still not sure, we hope that coincidently you’re thinking “well that’s all great, but neither help me with my public transport commute or storage limitations?!”, because that would lead us rather perfectly on to the next addition to the Basis Electric Bike fleet.

    The Basis Hybrid Full Size Folding Electric Bike

    There’s only one unpopular trait of a classic folding electric bike, and that’s wheel size. Meet the Basis Hybrid full sized folding electric bicycle – The very best of both worlds. A folding 20″ bicycle is known for providing unmatched transport solutions for city go-er commuters, public transporters and park & riders, however it’s unlikely that one of these would be your first choice for a rural Sunday trek! The Basis Hybrid depicts the harmonious combination of a neat and compact transport or storage solution, and a full sized hybrid bike with the urge for adventure. Larger 700c trekking wheels and tyres make light work out of a little rough, also providing for more roll, for less pedal!

    Basis Hybrid Full Size Folding Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

    Boasting a 9.6Ah battery, the Basis Hybrid Full Size Folding Electric Bike is more than capable of good 30 miles run from a single charge, with a punchy 250w front hub motor delivering a linear, consistant power. A great addition, and one that you don’t see too often on entry level bikes, is the front & rear Disc brake system… Designed with attributes suited to multiple purposes, this is a great way to provide confident stopping power regrardless of terrain or conditions. With a few handy extras such as a rear rack, full mudguards and side-stand, it’s fair to say there’s not much left to desire, especially with a sub £800 machine!

    Basis Hybrid Full Size Folding Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

    Check em’ out!

    Here at e-Bikes Direct we believe that our own brand Basis line of e-bikes represents exactly what we are about as a company. We sell affordable, reliable and comfortable machines, not just technologically advanced, big brand e-bikes. This philosophy has helped us become the UK’s leading independent e-bike retailer. Have a look at our Basis E-Bikes to see what we mean!