Things to think about before purchasing front drive conversion kits:

  • The front forks on your bike need to have 100mm clearance between the drop-outs (which is the case with the vast majority of bikes).
  • The fork drop-outs themselves need to be the standard 10mm size (this is also the most common size for fork drop-outs). If you happen to have the slightly smaller 9mm drop-out, you could file them down by 0.5mm on either side for the motor to fit. Please seek professional assistance for this part as doing it wrongly will be entirely at your own risk.
  • The front motor is compatible with the majority of disc brakes. However, certain disc brake calipers are wider than usual which means they may block the hub motor from fitting inside the forks. Please refer to the motor dimensions on the motor tab and measure the clearance inside your forks.
    If the dimensions don’t fit, you can replace your disc rotor to a 180mm version to clear the space from the motor, your local bike shop can help with this and provide the relevant adapter to change to a larger disc rotor.
  • The electric brake levers supplied with the kits are mechanical. I.e. they are not compatible with hydraulic brakes or brakes that are combined with gear levers. However, installing the brake levers are not a necessity and the kit will work fine without them. Moreover, the throttle is spring-loaded, i.e. it will cut the power whenever the thumb is released from it for safety.

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