Lease an Electric Bike fleet today!

Lease An Electric Bike Fleet Today

Here at E-Bikes Direct, our priority isn’t just supplying quality electric bikes, it’s also about providing the best customer service possible. It’s for this reason we offer a company/business lease option. You can now lease our electric bikes on a minimum of 2yr contract. A Perfect solution for your business, the lease option means you enjoy quality bikes without having to pay in 1 lump sum.

Simple Electric Bike Lease

Our leasing couldn’t be easier. With no initial deposit just affordable monthly payments from as little as the cost of your daily coffee. We have a range of Electric bikes to suit all riders and rider needs.

It couldn’t be easier to get started either. Give us a call on 01580 830959 to be talked through the options, or alternatively, pop us over an email at

Try our quick & easy Lease Calculator to get those wheels in motion;

Why Lease Electric Bikes

Leasing is becoming a increasingly more popular options for our business customers, and here’s why;

Tax Benefits

  • Any leasing expense or payment is considered an operating expense and as a result is tax deductible.


  • Lease agreement, payments are agreed at start of the contract so with the low monthly payment you’ll know exactly what you’re paying and for how long too. This gives great peace of mind and allows you to plan and budget for the future.


  • We offer bike trackers as a optional extra, these give you peace of mind as to safety of staff and ensure security of the bike as you can see where all your bikes are on a simple app.


  • We are able to offer training on operation and safe use of the bikes.

For more information call us today on 01580 830959.

E-Bikes Direct act as an agent for the finance company*

Who Do We Work With?

We have provided lease bikes to many different industries including Community care, Hospitality and local authorities.

Why Switch To E-Bikes Direct?

Health and Well Being

  • Electric bikes are a great way to increase physical fitness but also exercise is proven to help with peoples mental health, healthy staff are happy staff.

Cut Costs!

  • With the increased costs involved with running a car, a ebike will cost a fraction of the price with charging costing as little as .01p a mile.

Environmentally Friendly

  • We all have a responsibility to look at our environmental impact as individuals and business.


  • Time that your employees spend stuck in traffic is wasted work hours with an ebike traffic and distance can be easily negotiated.

Employee Benefits

  • A ebike can also help you employ and retain staff as a ebike is seen as a great benefit for employees to use.

Testimonials – From The Horses Mouth

“We were spending huge amounts of money on taxis and drivers each week as many of our staff either do not drive or don’t have access to a vehicle, this was proving to be a difficult financial and logistical situation to manage, now we have a fleet of electric bikes staff are arriving at appointments on time and at very little cost! Staff are also spending less time in traffic which means they have more time with patients. The team were genuinely excited to get on the bikes and we can all see the obvious benefits to our team morale and the organisation.”


  • All bikes come with 2 year warranty.
  • We can direct you to a nationwide network for ongoing servicing and non-warranty repairs.

Give us a call on 01580 830959 to find out more!

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