Byocycle City Speed 20" Folding Electric Bike

The Byocycles City Speed 20" Wheel Folding Electric Bike is a practical e-bike with flair. Simple to fold and transport and at an amazing price for a bike of this power and build quality. This compact but fully featured bicycle is great for cycling around town and your local area. It has a small profile when folded so you can pack it into a car or on a train.

Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
Byocycle City Speed 20 Byocycle City Speed 20
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    Byocycles City Speed 20" Folding Electric Bike

    UK-based company, Byocyles, present The Byocycles City Speed 20" Folding Electric Bike. The practical e-bike with flair. Simple to fold and transport and at an amazing price for a bike of this power and build quality. This compact but fully featured ebike is great for cycling around town or rural areas. It has a small profile when folded so you can pack it into a car or on a train.

    The City Speed is based around an 17 inch folding alloy frame with the fully detachable lithium battery fitted behind the seat post. The 3 point folding frame is light enough to be carried when the need arises. The 7.8Ah battery has a range of approximately 18-25 miles. The 10Ah battery has a range of approximately 28-35 miles whilst the 13Ah battery will take you to approximately 43-50 miles. With a charging time of 4-5 hours from flat you can easily charge at work during the day. 

    Controls are dealt with via a LED display panel with three levels of assistance along with a battery strength gauge and a light on/off function. This, in tandem with the 6 speed Shimano gearing, means you can benefit from graduating the power to suit any given gradient of terrain. The brushless 36v - 250 watt motor is mounted within the rear wheel. Within one cadence of the pedals the motor kicks in and will remain so, up to 15.5mph (UK Restricted Law). Just by applying the brakes or by ceasing the pedal power, the motor cuts out, allowing you full control of this nimble folder.

    Attention to detail is what is on the cards for the City Speed, everything from the folding levers to the wheel set with double walled rims and stainless steel 14g spokes have been carefully chosen to be strong and long lasting, but also light. This is reflected on the scales as it weighs in at an impressive 20kg (including battery).

    Gear componentry is looked after with Shimano, (TZ40 derailer and TX30-6R gear lever) along with a KMC branded chain.

    20" Double Walled Alloy Henli rims are fitted with Duro Urban 20 x 1.75 tyres which are stopped with Winzip V-Style brakes.

    Fully featured, an industry standard 36v 7.8Ah/10Ah/13Ah range package, practical and at a great price. The Byocycle City Speed is a worthy consideration.

    Key Features:

    • Motor: 250W 36V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
    • Frame: 17" Aluminium cross bar
    • Forks: Rigid Steel
    • Gears: 6
    • Brakes: V-style
    • Wheels: 20" x 1.75 Duro Urban
    • Battery: 36V 7.8Ah - 18-25 Miles / 10Ah - 28-35 Miles / 13Ah - 43-50 Miles*

    * This will vary depending on weight of user, terrain and mode of pedal assistance used


    • Unfolded - Height 41" Length 58" Depth (Handlebars) 25"
    • Folded - Height 30" Length 33" Depth 17"

    Read More about why a folding electric bike is the ideal transport solution for commuters?


    • City Speed Specification Frame - 17" Aluminium cross bar
    • Wheel - 20"
    • Colour - Black
    • Gears - 6 Speed shimano
    • Battery - 7.8Ah 36V / 10Ah 36V / 13Ah 36V
    • Display - LED display with 3 levels of assistance
    • Motor - 250W 36V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
    • Motor Charging Time - 4-5 Hours
    • Range  -  7.8Ah - 18-25 Miles / 10Ah - 28-35 Miles / 13Ah - 43-50 Miles 
    • Working Style - Pedelec (15.5mph) 
    • Frame - 17in Aluminium cross bar
    • Fork - Rigid Steel
    • Mud Guards - JW Short plastic Mudguard
    • Wheel Set - Henli 20” Double Wall, steel spokes
    • Tyre  - Duro Urban 20” x 1.75
    • Handle Bar - ByoCycles 600mm riser bar
    • Stem - Promax Folding stem
    • Brakes  - Winzip V-style Brake
    • Saddle - Hentong Rubber With Suspension Ball
    • Seat Post - XW 27.2 x 300mm Steel
    • Chain  - KMC Z51
    • Gear Lever  - Shimano TX30-6R
    • Derailleur -  Shimano TZ40
    • Chainset  - Lasco 52t x 152mm Aluminium
    • Pedal  - BT Folding, steel/plastic
    • Stand - Qishun Steel Nuts & Bolts - 214 Stainless Steel
    • Motor - Mxus 250W 36V Brushless Geared
    • Motor, Rear  - Wheel
    • Controller - Lishui 36V 15A
    • Battery - Yoku/Samsung 7.8Ah/10Ah/13Ah
    • Charger - Sans AC 100V-240V
    • Display - Kingmeter 790
    • Brake Levers - Wuxing Aluminium inc motor cut out
    • Weight - 20kg
    Battery Size7.8Ah
    Battery Voltage36v
    Brake TypeV Type
    Drive TypeRear Hub
    Frame Size17"
    Motor250w 36v
    Top Speed15.5
    Wheel Size20

    Battery Specification:

    • 36V 7.8Ah Lithium Battery
    • 36V 10Ah Lithium Battery
    • 36V 13Ah Lithium Battery

    Extra Information:

    • This Electric Bike will be SUPPLIED ASSEMBLED complete with charger, rear rack and everything you see included.
    • Upon arrival, simple attachment of the pedals and the straightening of the handlebar will be required.

    Extras are a plenty on this compact folder:

    • Rear pannier rack for your luggage
    • Display controlled front and independent rear LED lights
    • Quick release seat and handlebars
    • Stainless Steel Kickstand
    • Front & Rear sports mudguards


    • Unfolded - Height 41" Length 58" Depth (Handlebars) 25"
    • Folded - Height 30" Length 33" Depth 17"
    Happy customer.
    My city speed arrived today, thank you for a speedy service. I assembled the bike and it looks fantastic great quality and value for money. I took it for a quick ride and it is brilliant, easily got me over my sticking point hill and to the coastal cycle path that goes for miles. Bike was well packed. Thank you again for a great service.
    This bike is phenomenal, just got back from a ten mile cycle and I'm not even knackered, battery is on charge and then I am going on a twenty five mile cycle into Cornwall. I love this bike I whizzed up those hills like a breeze with a big smile on my face, cycling is now heavenly. I am going to be out everyday on electric bike, I love this bike. Thank-you for brilliant bike, you can put this as a review. This is the best fun I have had on a bicycle. Grinning from ear to ear. My face hurts I am smiling that much. Your sincerely, a happy electric cyclist

    Byocycle City speed 20"
    I've had the city speed for a year now,and I must say its a fantastic bike!ive not used it over winter,been in the garage,with a cover,but got it out today and it's still fully charged, amazing! It's a heavy,study,well built,and powerful enough to whizz around town with a grin on your face!the first time I went around my estate on it, I was actually laughing out loud! I use it when the weathers alright to run my border collie With! It's also powerful enough to put a trailer on.ive a doggyhut,and it pulls with no problems! I also slimed my tyres,takes 5mins, £7 a tin.if you've got a disability this would be a godsend! Love my bike,buy one you'll love it too!
    Many Thanks
    Bike arrived at lunch time and I have been out all afternoon on it.

    I have never ridden an electric bike before so did not know what to expect.

    Suffice to say it was amazing.

    Many thanks.

    PS You are certainly in the right line of business. I reckon these e-bike and going to take off in a really big way.
    I rode the bike to work today...what a fantastic bike! The quality of the build is excellent and the ride is effortless, made my journey very pleasant. Looking forward to the ride home!
    Very pleased with the all round service and bike
    It is with great pleasure that I review this bike and the service I received from all the staff at e-bikesdirect, but especially Garf. After my operations I didn’t know if I was able to ride a bicycle again. Garf said he would support me to find my cycling legs again, so he held the bike and my arm, while I learnt how to balance again, and after 30 minutes or so, I was away. This was a HUGE help, and now cycling is opening many, many mobility doors, like going to a park which was too far to walk to in the past, or getting to a train station or swimming pool.
    The Byocycle is terrific. It is easy to balance and the power is useful when needed. The brakes work smoothly, the gears change effortlessly, the seat is comfortable, the front and back lights are very handy (and they come with the bike), the seat height is also adjustable. It is easy to cycle, and when I get to a hill, I kick in the power and up I go. After the surgery I was unsure if I could put a lot of pressure on my feet, but with the Byocycle I don’t feel any pain in the feet, even when going uphill with the bike’s power.
    The triple pannier bags are very useful to carry my walking stick, and any items for the picnic etc. I recommend the triple as the extra space does come in handy.
    The Squire Challenger Shackle & Coil combo bike lock is also very useful. The coil part gives me extra peace of mind, so that the battery, pannier bags, and front wheel, as well as the frame are also locked. I suggest get a good lock and coil, to secure this beautiful bike.
    I also asked to have slime put in the wheels to prevent and deal with punctures. Garf put this in the wheels as part of the price. He is most helpful.
    The folding part of the bike is very useful, if I do get a puncture, I can call a taxi, fold the bike and it in the taxi. With my operations I would not be able to walk home, so having a folding bike that can fit in a car is ESPECIALLY helpful and gives me peace of mind.
    All in all the service from all staff and the bike is an absolute gift. Thank you. I am telling all my family and friends about this company and bike. Highly recommended. I don’t think you will find a better service and bike, (and I have looked around a lot).
    Love this bike
    I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this bike and the price! I have been looking around for a while now for a good electric bike with a throttle but they are all a little to expensive. I was a little worried about taking a chance buying over the internet for something I hadn't tested however I am not disappointed, this bike is amazing and the e-bikes direct team were great when I emailed for some info. Excellent service and delivery!

    Once upon a time I wouldn't have been seen dead on an electric bike however I feel they have come along way and this bike looks very cool for a folding bike. The bike folds down very easy and fits nicely in the shed and the battery is easy to remove which helps with lifting. As for the performance, I took it out today for the first time and very impressed with the speed as I wasn't expecting to much but it is very fast indeed. The throttle is wicked for lazy days or when you just want assistance up a hill and you certainly get some looks!

    Thank you very much e-bikes team!

    E.Newsome : )
    A great little ride, such a pleasure
    I can not highly recommend this little great electric bike any more than I possibly can.
    Great to get around town and the country.
    I have been using mine to get to work and back as I live in the country. Its so quick and easy and a pleasure to ride.
    Easy to fold up and not to heavy to move around.
    Battery comes out easy to charge up and lasts for 20-30 miles depending on how much you use it.
    I have found it very easy to to move around and get about round my local village.
    If your after something not too expensive that gets you to where you need to go, then this is for you.

    Thank you
    Many thanks for your great service and very fast delivery. I am very pleased with the electric bike.
    Thank you very much.
    D Wyne
    Perfect electric bike for our motorhome
    I am very pleased with my electric bike. It folds down quickly with ease. When the batteries removed its easy enough to lift into the motorhome door and tuck away nicely at the side. However I would recommend using a bungee cord to hold the bike together when folded and lifting.

    Its a great electric bike to ride, I dont go too far but enjoy my short shopping trips. Very good value for money against other electric bikes I tried. I would recommend this bike to others for their motorhome.
    We brought two of these bikes 4 weeks ago. Without doubt the best money we have ever spent. We have a motor home and have used the bikes every weekend when we are away. To use as a normal bike its very smooth and a nice ride. Then you use pedal assist. WOW and you have 3 levels of this. Believe me you bomb along!!!! When you really can't be bothered just use throttle. Twist and go. It's so so easy. The bikes look great and draw a lot of attention.

    We have visited villages we would never had gone to before and have really enjoyed ourselves, its so relaxing. We paid to have the tyres green slimed so we don't have to worry about punctures, we also brought the panniers which you can fit an awful lot in.

    When we unpacked our bikes we were commenting. On how well they were packed and then found a deep scrach on one of the bikes. I rang the office straight away and they couldn't have been more helpful. We kept the bike for weekend as we were going away and the following week someone drove down to where we worked and swapped the bike for a new one. Brilliant service.

    We would recommend these bikes to anyone. It really will change your life, getting out and about has never been so easy and so affordable.

    One more thing, I would suggest wearing a helmet!!!!! Enjoy
    City Speed 20
    Hi And Thank You So Much For My City Speed,20 Such a Quality Bike Folds So Easy !!
    & Very Nippy, With 5 Gears & Lights Included The Peddle Assist is Amazing & the Throttle Amazing,, With Free Delivery Its a Lovely Piece Of Kit !! Also Thanks to E,Bikes-Direct ,,For All There Help;;; Matt was So Help full in Explaining The Bike & Pointing out The Great Value !!& Many Thanks To All..
    The Team @ E-Bikes Direct !! Ta John One More Than Happy Customer Much Obliged !!
    Yes the bike has been delivered today, sub contract
    carrier, have to say, (and you may use this), fully charged battery, easy instant assembly, amazingly powerful, extremely well made, well worth the money,every extra I purchased very good, only complaint, rear light is separate battery, IT'S THAT FAST, I FELL OFF ON THE FIRST RIDE, but no damage to me or the bike, very good value for money, many thanks for all.
    Warmest regards.
    Keith, my best wishes for your continued success.

    Added by E-Bikes Direct Admin
    Hi I am really pleased with my electric Bike. My husband and I went out for a cycle yesterday. I live in Cornwall, and it has many hills, and there is a very steep and long hill coming out of Mithian, and I put the bike into pedilac position, in the med position, and it sailed up the hill, although I still had to pedal. I left my husband, and his flash Colnago behind. The bike has given me the confidence to go out again with him. If you want me to leave feedback on any of your websites, I would be glad to do so.
    Many thanks again Maria
    Byocycle City Speed
    I visited e-bikesdirects Bodiam store on Friday with a view to just try and test a few bikes, couldnt believe my luck when I was shown the Byocycle City Speed as it was exactly what I required, easy to fold, lightweight and on offer at a bargain price, I of course purchased on the spot and the guys kindly built it up for me there and then,highly recommend as are the staff that took me through my options that day
    Byocycle Chameleon
    brilliant bike, so easy to fold so great for my campervan, I just whizz round everywhere now, I would recommend this electric bike to anyone, super price too
    Very pleased with my folding Electric Bike
    I had to call up and question why the price for such a high specification folding electric bike was so low. As similar electric bikes with 36v batteries are usually at least 50% more in price. Turns out they had made a bulk clearance purchase on this model and are passing their savings on to achieve volume sales. I have only had the bike a day but initial conclusion on the build quality is exceptional. The ride is smooth and powerful and the bike very light for an electric bike. Much lighter then my previous IZIP. I would urge anyone in the decision process to take the plunge.
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