Neomouv FURTIVOO Single Speed Self Charging Electric Bike 5.4Ah Battery

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Say goodbye to batteries and tedious wiring! The Innovative Neomouv Furtivoo has every benefit of an electric bike without the extra weight and inconvenience of an external battery.

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Neomouv FURTIVOO Single Speed Self Charging Electric Bike

This extremely clever, compact and sleek looking self charging e-bike treads on every con of an electric bike. If, like many, an electric bike appeals to you but the thought of forgetting to fully charge your battery deters you, Neomouv & Zehus have collaborated to create the solution!

Zehus have taken a 250W Brushless motor, a 5.4Ah Battery and all of the necessary wiring and sensors and cleverly compact them in to a 180mm diameter rear hub that self charges as a result of pedalling anti-clockwise. BIKE+ technology seamlessly optimize your efficiency while riding, decreasing your effort by 30-40% (in an urban trip). Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your smartphone to your bike so you can select your favourite power mode, manage your trip data and even lock the bike. Thanks to the BitRide app, your smartphone acts also as a gateway throughout the bitride community, allowing you to access to services such as online diagnosis, bike-oriented navigation, mobility stats and even the possibility of locating a stolen bike. You'll really enjoy owning the first non-plugin parallel hybrid bike on the market, just dont ask how the've done it!

The Furtivoo can be charged normally aswell (charger is supplied) and has a range of about 15-20 miles per charge – by pedalling backwards while going down hills you can recharge the battery as you ride too, pedalling backwards also acts as a slight brake which stops you going out of control and helps stop wearing out brake pads early. To get the best distance from this bike it’s recommended to charge it like a normal ebike and use the self charging feature to supplement the distance.

And all of that with a weight of just 13.5KG!

Key Features:

  • Motor: 250W Rear Hub, Integrated Battery
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Forks: Rigid Aluminium
  • Gears: Single
  • Brakes: Caliper
  • Wheels: 700C
  • Battery: 5.4Ah 29.6V (160Wh)
  • Range: 15-20 Miles
  • Motor: 250W Neo-Assist Crank Driven
  • Frame:  6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Forks: Rigid Aluminium
  • Gears: Single
  • Brakes: Caliper Front & Rear
  • Wheels: 700C
  • Battery: 5.4Ah Self Charging Integrated (can be charged normally)
  • Weight: 13.5KG
  • Panel: Bluetooth Smart Phone Connectivity w/ Variable Assist
  • Battery Range: 15-20 Miles
Battery Size

5.4 Ah / 160 Wh


13.5 kg

Wheel Size


Range (miles)

Top Speed (mph)



Frame Size

22 in / 56 cm

Brake Type








Drive Type

Rear Hub


Juicy Bike

Battery Specification:

5.4Ah (160Wh) 29.6V Integrated within rear hub. 15-20 Mile Range.

Extra Information:

  • This Electric Bike will be SUPPLIED ASSEMBLED complete with charger & extras.
  • Upon arrival, simple attachment of the pedals and the straightening of the handlebar will be required.
  • Available in Matte Black only
  • Extras: Front/Rear Lights

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