E-Bikes Direct Stock Westhill Electric Bikes

Westhill are an upstart UK electric bike company that we at E-Bikes Direct are proud to support. Check out what’s what, and what all the fuss is about.

Published: Tuesday 14 May 2019

Westhill E-Bike Range at E=Bikes Direct

E-Bikes Direct stock British electric bike brand – Westhill

Westhill are an upstart UK electric bike company that we at E-bikes Direct are proud to support.

Considering we do so well in cycling competitions around the world, it may be surprising that there are so few genuine UK cycling brands these days – the cycling industry seems to have followed car makes into foreign ownership. Raleigh are one of those – ‘buy British, get German’!

Westhill are a pure electric bike brand, using top quality components from suppliers around the world including the biggest motor suppliers in the world Bafang and Shimano brakes and gears. Like us Brits, though born here the machines can trace their DNA to every corner of the planet!

The Westhill website describes how and why they came about: “Tucked away in an old lumber shed, in the sleepy village of West Hill, East Devon! As a team we sat around a makeshift table, brainstorming ideas over a coffee to produce our combined objective of building futuristic electric bikes… Since that day we have never looked back. Building each and everyone of our bikes with passion, the highest attention to detail and overall superior craftsmanship to produce what we believe to be the best electric bikes on the market.”

The Westhill Range

‘British built’ is still a major selling point as us Brits have a reputation of putting together really quality products. Westhill have a range of electric bikes in different verticals from the practical folding bike to the in-tube battery Ghost 2.0 e-MTB. Let’s look at a few of them.

At only 19kg the Westhill Vogue is a road bike that will shorten your commute considerably, even while not breaking a sweat as you go. This is one of those road electric bikes that will frequently pop over the 25kph speed limit unless you learn to chill out while riding it! Light, fast and stylish it is one of those machines that will bring real pleasure to your ride to work, or while chewing up the country lanes at the weekend.

Westhill Vogue Electric Road Bike at E-Bikes Direct

The Westhill Ghost 2.0 took the concept of ‘in-tube battery’ and floored the competition. You can normally tell an e-bike with an in-tube battery as it has an oversized front tube, but Westhill have shrunk the battery so you’ll have to look closely (or pick it up) before you can tell. A dream of a cross-country bike with its great components and responsiveness, you might look at this before considering a certain German rival in this vertical of midrange e-MTBs!

Westhill Ghost 2.0 E-MTB at E-Bikes Direct

One of the best foldable electric bikes we sell is the Westhill LINK. Lightweight yet folding to a small space, one of Westhill’s customers said of it, “its perfect, light enough to get in my motor home easily, battery is very simple to remove and the ride quality is amazing – I actually forgot it was a folding bike.”

Westhill Link Folding Electric Bike at E-Bikes Direct

A versitile, quintessential, pure British E-Bike Brand – What’s not to love!

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