Electric Bike Guide – Top Electric Bikes Under £900

We’ve compiled a guide to the best electric bikes under £900 so far in 2024.

Published: Tuesday 09 January 2024

Electric Bikes Under £900 - a blog by E-Bikes Direct

Our 2024 Guide to the Top 4 Electric Bikes Under £900




BASIS OSPREY – Price £749

Taking your first step into the world of E-Bikes can be a daunting prospect. The market has plenty of options for most budgets, with brands competing for accessibility and prominence in all sectors of 2-wheeled fun. Whether you’re looking for a folding bike that will fit in your car boot, a mountain bike for muddy tracks, or a hybrid to enjoy both on the weekday ride to work and then a weekend countryside trip.

Here at E-Bikes Direct, we strongly believe electric bikes should be accessible to everyone, no matter the budget. A common misconception is that an electric bike will set you back £1000’s. While this can be the case, E-Bikes Direct have a wide variety of sub-£900 bikes to suit all abilities and requirements without compromising on features and performance.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite E-Bikes for £900 or less, to help find the perfect bike for you.

Basis Hunter Electric Mountain Bike

The Hunter is the most discreet electric bike from Basis, the brand exclusive to E-Bikes Direct.

To the afar, the Hunter seems to be an ordinary adult MTB. Look a little closer and you’ll see a chunky lower frame tube discreetly packing a 7.8Ah 36v LG battery. This sends the power to it’s 250w 36v rear hub brushless motor, providing that surge of torque to the rear wheel as you pedal to make the trickiest of inclines and terrains an absolute breeze. Enjoy up to 25 miles of assistance from a single charge of the battery, with the motor capable of speeds up to 15.5MPH.

All of this for £699!
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Emu Roam Hybrid Electric Bike
Introducing the Emu Roam, a new high-specification E-Bike with the same great style and build quality at a very attractive price.

For worry-free hill climbing, it offers seven-speed Shimano derailleur gears and of course a silky 250w front hub motor. It also boasts an LED display, providing a modern touch to that traditional elegance so you can change gears quickly and simply. Featuring an in-frame battery, Roam offers either a 10.4Ah Samsung battery or a 14.5Ah option if you want a greater range to roam free for longer. This affordable e-bike also features front and rear mudguards, puncture-resistant tyres and a comfortable saddle for a safe and relaxed ride.

Pure style for £899.
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Basis Dorchester Electric City Bike

The Dorchester, a sophisticated and stylish Dutch style city commuter.

This step-through city commuter hybrid is versatile and able to tackle a number of terrains & purposes. Packed very discreetly within the 16″ frame’s downtube is a removable 7.8Ah 36v battery (LG Cells) boasting a range of up to 25 miles, delivering power to the 250w rear hub brushless motor achieving speeds up to 15.5MPH – Assistance can be altered using the handlebar mounted display depending on the degree of incline or terrain on which you’re riding. To make life even easier, Basis has included a Shimano 6-speed gearing system to further that versatility while the 700C alloy wheels and front suspension forks adopt a hybrid bike style ironing out the creases in the road and ensuring confidence and comfort no matter what the route throws at you!

Classic sophistication – available in two sizes from £649.

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Basis Osprey Folding Low Step Electric Bike

As featured on ITV’s This Morning’s ‘e-Bike Buying Guide’.

Basis Osprey Folding Low Step Electric Folding Bike – a compact yet quick little runabout that can be stored out of the way where space is an issue, yet will still get you about your business.

The 13-inch step-through frame folds down to half its size when you need to store it, and with the adjustable quick-release seat post, it can squeeze into even tighter storage spaces.

With two battery options, the 8.8Ah battery has a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge, or up to a whopping 50 miles on the 14Ah battery. At home or the office, you can remove the battery to charge it, or you can plug the bike in without taking the battery out.

Compact and powerful – available in two sizes from £749.

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