The reason Freego Martins have Bafang Motors

Freego have annouced that they are to be the first to market with this new high torque Crank Motor, (80nm), making it the most powerful crank motor on the market in the UK.

Published: Thursday 05 May 2016

FreeGo Electric Bikes Bafang

There has been some questions asked why Freego chose to use the Bafang Crank motor. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly and without a great deal of thought and research; Freego have enjoyed a very close relationship with Bafang for many years, most of their wheel driven motors are powered by Bafang.

The Bafang motor is able to be immediately repaired locally, which fits into  the Freego unique 5 day promise, it does not need to be sent away. It’s a quieter, smoother and more powerful motor than its competitors.

It was introduced into Europe in August last year and already in excess of 25,000 units have been sold.

The Bafang crank motor competed in a 24 Hour race in the Nurbugring, against 14 other Bosch powered bikes, it outperformed them all, It came 1st