E-Bikes max out with BDS Pro rider Riley Jenner

E-Bikes max out the power ratings in test with traditional mountain bikes.

Published: Thursday 16 March 2017

Riley Jenner Electric Bikes

Traditionalists may choke on their energy bars but electric mountain bikes are fast winning devotees in the world of cycling. Until now e-bikes have probably been seen as a bit of a “soft” option for those unwilling to challenge themselves on the roads and off the beaten track. But that view is being seriously undermined by the latest generation of e-bikes so we asked two experienced downhill riders to try out a couple of the best models to get their expert opinions.

Riding the Haibike Allmtn was Riley Jenner who is sponsored by ONeil and races national events in the British Downhill Series (BDS). He also works in the workshop of Ebikes Direct. He was partnered by his step-dad Ben Landreth, on the Haibike FullSeven. Both men are passionate about their sport but were keen to see how an e-bike would shape up. The two bikes on trial, were supplied by eBikes Direct

emtb Downhill Mountain Bike

What about appearance and feel? Both loved the designs of their bikes and said there was nothing off-putting about the small electric motors and batteries. Riley said: “I wasn't bothered by the motor or the battery in the overall look of the frame.

The design has everything a standard Mountain Bike will offer, including all accessories.”

Ben agreed. He said. “I thought weight might be an issue as these bikes are 20% heavier but it wasn’t a problem in any way. it was slightly noticeable in the air but we soon got used to it.”

Haibike FullSeven

But the big question is performance. Would you want to take an e-bike out to the countryside. Riley and Ben hit the course at at Hurtwood and put the pair of bikes through
their paces.
And it’s safe to say they not only put on good performance they surprised our riders at how much fun they could have with them.
The biggest bonus was being able to do more on the bikes before you run out energy, an experience familiar to all cycle riders of every age and ability.
Ben said: “It was great. You can do two sections of the course compared to the one section that people on standard bikes can do. Because we felt far less tired we were able
to spend far longer on the course.”
So tapping into that electric supply makes for a longer experience. But it also has other benefits.
Riley said: “ You can go MUCH faster on all tracks, which is a real plus. That extra speed is really important because it increases risk and adds adrenaline – a real boasting
point to the doubters out there.”

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