Keeping your Electric Bike Safe and Secure

Nipping into the bakery? No worries, no one would steal a bike in the centre of a city. Would they?

Published: Friday 22 September 2023

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Keeping your Electric Bike Safe and Secure

In the current economic climate, residents of the UK have adapted and learnt to prosper in times of financial uncertainty. However, this has also led to a rise of thefts, especially in electric bikes.

E-bikes are a common sight in almost every town in the UK, popular with city commuters, weekend trekkers, delivery riders, and many more. They make life just a little bit easier for riders and have cemented themselves as a necessity for both business and leisure. Unfortunately, because of their higher price tag, motor-assisted bikes are becoming increasingly attractive to thieves.

Nipping into the bakery? No worries, no-one would steal a bike in the centre of a city. Would they?

Well… yes, it happens daily to hundreds of cyclists. E-bike theft claims in the UK increased by 37% between 2020 and 2021, with London residents reporting over 21,000 bikes stolen in 2021. Transport for London states that 28% of electric bike riders bought their bikes to replace cars, which means more electric bikes are now available as potential targets for bike thieves.

So What Can I Do To Protect My E-Bike?

First of all, it’s important to note that all electric bike batteries lock into the bike, so as long as the bike is secure, the battery is too. However, it is still a great idea to get your new battery-powered workhorse some decent insurance cover. There are a plethora of reputable companies out there, eager to help protect you and your valuables. For instance, we recommend Seopa, an insurance broker whose main aim is to get you the best cover possible. By comparing quotes, you can ensure your e-bike is well protected. For more details, you can find additional information on our partnership with Seopa here.

Compare quotes and insure your e-bike here! More information on our partnership with Seopa can be found here.

Locks, alarms, trackers and more

A heavy duty lock is a great deterrent to opportunist thieves, and so are wheel locks or security skewers. The Abus Bordo 5700 is a neat, compact and easily transportable security measure, while the BikeFinder Bicycle Tracker will assist you if your bike does get stolen. Created by bike enthusiasts, for bike enthusiasts, this lightweight tracker has an 8 week battery life to assist you in the recovery of your electric bike. More of our range of security measures can be found here.

Consider where you leave your bike unattended

A bike left in a secluded alley way is going to be far more at risk than one locked to a bicycle stand in a town centre. It takes a minute to secure your bike with a chain or D-lock, this is a small price to pay considering everyday electric bikes can cost between £600 and £5,000. We would much rather spend the time strapping our bike to a railing with a chunky cable or chain, than have to walk the rest of the way to work. Hundreds of pounds out of pocket!

For an insight into real-world bike theft experiences, check this recent article from The GuardianLife in Bike Theft Britain.