Keep your electric bike safe with a good lock

At Electric Bikes Direct you could spend a lot of money on an e-bike, but once you spend the money you will want to keep it safe. In this article we will show you some ideas around keeping the bike once you have bought it!

Published: Wednesday 22 August 2018

Keep your electric bike safe with a good lock! from E-Bikes Direct

Keep your electric bike safe with a good lock!

Here at Electric Bikes Direct you could spend a lot of money on an e-bike, but once you spend the money you will want to keep it safe. In this article we will show you some ideas around keeping the bike once you’ve bought it!

Sold Secure ratings

You may have heard of the Thatcham ratings on car security systems. There is a similar lock rating system for things like electric bikes and bicycles called Sold Secure. In order to be rated by Sold Secure a team of bike security experts actively test a bicycle lock to destruction. They rate each lock as bronze, silver and gold:

According to Bicycle insurers Bikmo:

Gold: “Gold rated locks provide significant protection against most thieves and the tools they’re likely to use. Tested for over 5 minutes being continually attacked”

Silver: “As a compromise between value and security, silver rated locks are suitable for short term locking in public places, and are resistant to most basic tools used by thieves. Silver rated locks are expected to withstand up to 3 minutes of sustained attack.”

Bronze: “Designed to serve as a deterrent to impulse thieves, these are the lowest strength of the three ratings, but still offer protection against some basic tools.”

This does not mean that you have to spend silly money on a Gold rated lock. Here at E-bikes Direct our Master Lock 13mm x 210mm x 110mm Bike Gold Rated D U Shackle Lock is now reduced down to £19.99 Put into perspective, that is around 4% of the cost of our lowest price electric bike – you could in all conscience spend a lot more on a lock for peace of mind! You can find the same lock and many more bicycle accessories at our sister website Electric Bikes Direct Outlet

Cycleguard insurance

Where it comes to locks you often find ‘buy cheap, get cheap’. Forget that £10 cable lock you might find at Halfords, as it isn’t a deterrent any serious bike thief. Even at the cheap end of the spectrum a D lock or U lock as it sometimes known can take no real effort to remove forcibly. While the better ones are heavier, it is a burden that you will have to bear to keep your bike secure.

Our recommended insurer Cycleguard have a set of recommendations as to the type of bike lock you should have according to the value of your electric bike. For bikes under £1200 the insurer will accept any type of lock, for machines between £1200 and £2000 they recommend a Sold Secure Bronze lock, £2000-£5000 a Sold Secure Silver and a Gold rated lock for anything above. What’s easier? Coming back to find your bike where you left it or the peace of mind of knowing that the insurance will get you a new one after it’s been nicked?! If you can afford it go Gold all the way!

Cable, D, or chain?

When considering a lock for your electric bike you have three broad choices between locks – the cable, the D lock (sometimes called U lock), or the chain. Cable locks are lightweight, and there are few Gold rated cable locks on the Sold Secure scheme. The Haibike Modular Rail System supports a cable lock as an optional extra for Haibikes with this system so you can physically lock the bike through the frame to the object that you desire.

There are many D locks on the Sold Secure scheme, though they are relatively small and you cannot lock it to a lamppost for example. In terms of power to weight, this could well be your best bet.

Chain locks are used by motorcyclists and as long as they have a good locking mechanism, can be the most secure locks of all with the flexibility to lock them to bigger objects. They are frequently heavy – a sacrifice you pay for security.

While you are looking for a new lock for your electric bike, it makes sense to consult the Sold Secure Database of accepted locks.

Lock it indoors if possible!

The best place to keep your bike is it a locked room or cage of sorts. This can mean your garage, shed, or simply in your flat. For those considering an electric bike but worried about security, yet have a little space at home, consider getting a folding electric bike such as our Wisper 806 Torque Folding Electric Bike.  Many workplaces have special bike cages, or might be persuaded to listen to a few of you if you come together to request one be installed – perhaps you could mention Corporate Social Responsibility and encouraging greener transportation to your boss when you make that request!