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Ex Demo Cyclotricity Stealth Electric Bike 250w - 20

Ex Demo Cyclotricity Stealth Electric Bike 250w - 20" Frame 36v 15ah

Ex Demo 250w 15Ah 20" Frame - Some minor paintwork damage, more detailed images can be supplied upon request.

Interest Free Finance and Free Assembled Delivery Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cyclotricity Stealth Electric Bike has been designed to deliver top performance. With its sleek designed frame, dual disc brakes and LED display that gives 5 different levels of pedal assist it is superb quality for the price.

The Cyclotricity Stealth has been engineered to deliver power and comfort; the craftsmanship is precise and the result is beautiful.

The Cyclotricity Stealth is a durable mountain-style e-bike that offers a clean and powerful ride. It boasts a silent hand-made motor and an advanced freewheel design, which gives no resistance to your pedalling, whether the motor is engaged or not. It is a comfortable ride, available in the black and white colours you can see. This bike is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 19 kg. The 36v 15ah lithium battery enables up to 60 miles range dependant on terrain, weight of rider etc.

The Cyclotricity Stealth is an incredible high-end bike at a very affordable price. 

  • 250W brushless front hub motor (reaches maximum speed allowed by UK/EU regulation, i.e. 15.5mph)
  • LCD dashboard showing power output, Speed, Time, Distance etc.
  • 5 pedal assist levels
  • Fitted with mechanical alloy disc brakes. Electric brake levers cut the power when applied.
  • 36V/15Ah Lithium-ion bottle shaped battery (50-60 miles range between charges depending on terrain, weight of cyclists, frequent use of PAS, frequency of stops/starts, air pressure in tyres etc.)
  • Charger: UK plug charger with LED indicating level of charge (battery should be fully charged within 5 hours)
  • Frame size: 20″ Alloy 6061 frame
  • Suspension: ZOOM alloy
  • Gears: 7 speed Shimano derailleur
  • Rims: 26″ Alloy double walled
  • Saddle: PVC leather
  • Total weight of e-Bike including battery: 19kg
  • Warranty - 6 Months on all Electrical, Frame Set, Group Set, Wheels and Componants.


36v 15Ah Lithium Ion bottle shaped battery


Charger included

Outstanding Customer Service and E-bikes worthy of a Shakespearean tribute.

Username: the.martin.richard.sander

If you want to get an e-bike,
There’s only one place to go,
Visit e-bikes direct,
They are the people in the know.

With a massive range of e-bikes,
For every person and time,
To make the flat roads easy,
And take care of every climb.

After long deliberation,
I settled on the Stealth,
To get me to work every day,
And help improve my health.

I bombarded e-bikes direct with questions,
Every single day,
They handled all my queries,
And put my fears at bay.

Two days later it arrived,
In a massive cardboard box,
I felt like a child at Christmas,
Cutting off all the locks.

2 minutes to straighten the handlebars,
2 minutes to fix the pedals,
The battery was already charged,
E-bikes direct deserve some medals.

I took it for a test ride,
In the local park,
Quite frankly it blew me away,
And made a few dogs bark.

But take heed of this warning,
Because everyone you know,
Will want to try your e-bike,
So charge them 1 pound a go.

So please choose e-bikes direct,
They are the best around,
Their service really outstanding,
You’ll keep make happy sounds.


Username: rmusker

The only reason I started cycling again was to keep fit. Not marathon fit but fit enough to run up a flight of stairs without to much effort. Once I re-mastered the skills for riding a bike (numb bum and remembering to tuck my socks into my trousers) other benefits became apparent:- exploring paths and tracks, seeing the best of the countryside, spotting all sorts of animals and birds, being able to switch off and to let the mind freewheel to any topic. The idea of using an electric bike seemed counter intuitive at first as the level of exercise would decrease. But this has turned out to be wrong. Having used the Cyclotricity Stealth for only a short time (60 miles or so) it turns out that the level of exercise has increased and improved. Improved in that one does not experience extreme exertion going up long steep hills and increased as one is inclined to travel further so the exercise more regular and consistent.
Why chose the Cyclotricity Stealth from E-bikes Direct? The Stealth is not the cheapest but still very good value. Once the courier had delivered the bike it took less than an hour to get it ready for testing. Using the assist setting (1 – 5) works best for me where the degree of assist can be increased and decreased very easily, making progress a real pleasure and hills that daunted one previously being tackled easily, but needing steady input from the pedals. The thumb throttle is handy for giving a free-wheel section a little push. The only addition to the bike I have made is some mud and spray guards to protect the rider and the bike’s control box, battery and wiring. The bike is a quality product with excellent front suspension forks giving a very comfy ride on rough tracks. There are only eight gears (only one front sprocket) which I thought might be a problem but with the electric motor easily compensates for the lack of gears.
Why from E-Bikes Direct? Partly because they can organise payment in installments and the excellent customer service. The E-Bikes Direct Sales and Support team are responsive, helpful and patient, pretty much the best I have experienced from any company. I know this because a problem manifest itself whereby the controls on the handle bars showed an “Error 03” and the motor stopped. This is “Faulty Connector” message. Once I have spoken to E-Bikes Direct I opened up the little box that contains the management controls and checked all the connectors. One was miss-aligned and once fixed everything was back to normal.
I am getting twenty five miles plus range on side roads and rough tracks which is ideal for my requirements.
I am 61 years old, fourteen stone and six foot four ( I definitely needed the 20” frame) and thoroughly recommend the E-Bikes Cycloticity Stealth from E-bikes Direct.
R Musker. Oxford



Username: Trent

Best money I have ever spent, saved me loads on fuel and keeping me fit to boot, brilliant bike and lightweight aswell, anyone who hasn't ridden an electric bike should do so, it's an innovation

Sam Trent


Best Investment I have made

Username: josiep

Great Electric Bike, Lightweight, East to use. Saved me a fortune on fuel so far. I am the envy of my office. If anyone is unsure about using electric bikes my recommendation id take the plunge


Username: Josh

Brilliant electric bike that is stylish and goes like a rocket, best £700 i have spent and gets me to work in no time at all


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