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Electric Bikes Direct - Biggest Electric Bike Supplier in the UK!

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PowaCycle Salisbury LPX Electric Bike Image
This PowaCycle Salisbury electric bike is an excellent bike for the price, ...
£699.99More Info »
Byocycle Chameleon 20" Folding Electric Bike Image
The Byocycle Chameleon 20" Folding Electric Bike is fantastic on city stree...
£674.99More Info »
Viking Harrier Folding Electric Bike Image
The Viking Harrier provides an assisted range of of up to 28 miles. Rather ...
£565.00More Info »
Viking Belmont Folding Electric Bike Image
The Viking Belmont electric bike is built is upon a stylish midnight blue a...
£589.99More Info »
Viking Advance Electric Mountain Bike White Image
The Viking advance is a super electric mountain bike with Shimano gears and...
£699.99More Info »
Viking Hopper E-Club Folding Electric Bike Silver Image
Perfect for commuting to work or leisure rides, the E-Club alloy folding fr...
£479.99More Info »
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Why E-Bikes Direct

Our company has been built on an underpinning knowledge of the use and quality of different electric bikes brought about from staff with years of experience previously working within the electric bike industry.

We have a wide range of electric bicycles from the top brands on the market. We have electric bikes under £700 if you are on a budget, both step through and step over frames and a nice range of folding electric bikes.

All bikes adhere to UK regulations. For more information on UK legislation concerning the riding of electric bikes click here. Wikipedia also have a very informative page on the history of the electric bicycle.


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Why Buy An Electric Bike

Electric bikes help save the environment, your health and your wallet at the same time. By riding an electric bike, not only will you be saving money on ever rising fuel costs, tax and insurance fees. You will also be getting some valuable exercise and improving your health with minimal effort.

Why not take a look at one of the Government Ride to Work Schemes designed to reduce pollution, congestion and fuel consumption across the United Kingdom.

You might be surprised what you could save with Electric Bikes Direct.


Latest Reviews:
Batribike Dash Folding Electric Bike Image
The absolute Boll**ksUsername: christophermfburn11 Aug 16
Will pay for itself in 6 months, I rack up at least 12 miles a day on it on hills and in traffic. Its bloody briliant. I reckon I have sold a load of these judging by how many have stopped me and asked me about it. Would be nice if they made the frame out of a lighter material.
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Batribike Dash Folding Electric Bike Image
Batribike DashUsername: christophermfburn05 Aug 16
I bought mine about ten days ago and have already clocked up over 120 miles. I use it to cycle to the station (about three very hilly miles), fold and then take on the train to London and cycle anything from 1 to 3 miles the other end. Its fast and performs excellently. The only downside is the bloody weight of the thing. I`m 48 and have to cart it up three flights of stairs at Stoke Newington, but it is like my portable gym. Only downside is trying to lift it by its carry handle when its wet, not easy to grip. Other than that, it is definitely the best bike I have ever bought, my daughter sits on the back rack on a cushion and hangs on to me and she absolutely loves it. So do I. Great investment, I use it every day and it is an absolute peach to ride. Its the only one I have seen that lets you ride on throttle only, just in case you are tired or a bit hungover hahaha
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GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike Image
Brilliant. You will not be disappointed.Username: Rickyburnsu27 Jul 16
Fantastic bike. I think everything else has been covered in the other reviews. The team at e-bikes are brilliant. Sort problems, approachable, excellent customer service. Went out tonight with my daughter on her non electric bike. She moaned all evening that she wanted an e-bike. Maybe in a few years! Thanks again guys. Really appreciate it.
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GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike Image
5 star review as promised!Username: PJHawkhurst18 Jun 16
In November 2015 I chose the CS2 for my first electric bike. I bought the bike about 8 months ago after testing a few at E-Bikes direct and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The small wheel foldable bikes are great for road cycling and packing in the car but the CS2 specification was great value for me; the CS2 looks good, has 6 gears, disk brakes, suspension, a decent Samsung battery and is one of the lightest. I love this bike; I felt 12 years old again at my first hill, cycling is fun again. I am 64 and I had been ill for 2 years before serious heart surgery in 2014. The surgery went OK but after 7 months I developed chronic ectopic beats which after a year the doctors could not stop. Unbelievably after I had used the bike for a few weeks the ectopic beats subsided and have now completely gone, blood pressure and pulse are fantastic. It is great fun being able to exercise outdoors at my chosen limit or to go somewhere without the car. The CS2 is light enough to pedal without power but I use the power whenever I wish to keep a steady pace, in a headwind or on uphill sections (and get envious looks as I pass other cyclists).  Some statistics, I have used the bike once or twice a week for leisure with a mix of road and firm woodland trails, averaging 10 miles each ride with a maximum of 18 miles with 30% or more battery life left and averaging 12 mph. A typical ride has 400m elevation (smart watch). Charge time is about 1 ½ hours after 8 miles. Matt and the team at E-Bikes have been fantastic. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful they have a large selection of bikes and all accessories at fair prices. For a little over the price of one year’s membership at my local sports centre it’s a no-brainer, just try one out you will be amazed.  
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