PowaCycle Salisbury LPX Electric Bike

This PowaCycle Salisbury electric bike is an excellent bike for the price, with it lightweight alloy frame and 180w motor it is sure to give you the performance levels you require for pleasure riding or that daily commute.

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    PowaCycle Salisbury LPX Electric Bike

    The PowaCycle Salisbury LPX electric bike has Shimano gears to tackle those hills, as well as being very lightweight making the bike easy to manage. The Lithium Polymer battery powering the PowaCycle Salisbury LPX offers greater efficiency and fantastic range. We regard the PowaCycle Salisbury LPX to be one of the best value for money bikes on the market.

    The Salisbury LPX boasts a strong lightweight aluminium frame and weighs in at only 22kg including battery, but the Salisbury is no lightweight when it comes to performance, its 180W Intelligent brushless motor offers a top speed of over 12mph. Independent tests have shown that the 26V Li-Pol battery will take you up to 35 miles on a single full charge

    Key Features:

    • Motor: 200w brushless rear hub motor
    • Frame: Adult sized step-through aluminium frame
    • Forks: Front suspension fork
    • Gears: 6
    • Brakes: V brakes front and rear
    • Wheels: 26 inch wheels for smooth ride
    • Battery: 26V 13Ah - 25-35 miles*

    * This will vary depending on weight of user, terrain and mode of pedal assistance used.


    • Assisted power - Up to 15mph
    • 200W brushless motor
    • Shimano 6 gear mechanism
    • V brakes front and rear 
    • 26 inch wheels for smooth ride
    • Battery Performance
    • Li-Ion battery – 26V 13Ah
    • 25 - 35 miles with pedalling on a flat surface 
    • Full battery recharge in 4 to 6 hours > 500 recharge cycles
    • Battery weight only 2.9Kg
    • Adult sized step-through aluminium frame 
    • Suitable for ages - 14 to 99
    • Handlebar height - 112cm to 115cm
    • Saddle height - 83cm to 95cm 
    • Length of cycle - 184cm
    • Weight including battery 22kg
    • Maximum rider weight = 110kg
    • Rear rack 
    • Kick stand
    Battery Type26V 13
    Brake TypeV Type
    Charge Time4
    Drive TypeRear Hub
    GenderMen & Unisex
    Top Speed12
    TypeStep Over
    Wheel Size26

    Battery Specification:

    • Lithium Polymer - 26V / 13Ah

    Extra Information:

    • This Electric Bike will be SUPPLIED ASSEMBLED complete with charger and everything you see included.
    • Upon arrival, simple attachment of the pedals and the straightening of the handlebar will be required.
    I ordered the Salisbury by Powacycle and am very pleased with it. It was initially planned to just be used for work but I've really been enjoying the use of it and have gone for a couple of 15 mile trips already despite having it for only a few days. It performed well in hilly Edinburgh despite my looking for steep routes to give it a good run out and the throttle was useful for getting started in the centre in heavy rush hour and festival traffic. My previous bike was an old SLA powered Izip which served me well but didn't have anywhere near the legs of the Salisbury.
    I was able to pay with a finance plan which was great to avoid splashing out one go and Matt from e-bikesdirect.co.uk was very patient and helpful with my many questions.
    I'd recommend the bicycle to anyone wishing to take up e-biking on a budget or to get an idea of what it's all about. I'm certain you'll get addicted once you get started.
    E-bikesdirect.co.uk were a pleasure to use and I'd happily recommend them to anyone looking to buy online.
    Pleased with my electric bike.
    Hi there , just want to let you know how very pleased i am with my new e bike, the PowaCycle Salisbury LPX Electric Bike,Its amazing i am really chuffed with it . I use it now for all my short journeys instead of getting the car out and find it great for doing daily shopping with . Where I live it is quite hilly but the bike copes really well and i don't need to do much work pedaling !I saw all about them on the One Show a few weeks ago and decided to get one then , so the BBC have done a good job advertising for you I reckon ! Hope your business flourishes for you
    Kind Regards
    I have had my Salisbury for a week now, and it has been a godsend.. i don't live that far from work about 3.8miles one way, but cycling with no effort has been brill. It only takes me 10mins to get to work and back home, and not using the car is saving me loads in fuel costs.
    thank you to e-bikes direct and powacycle, a fantastic product
    Excellent service
    I would just like to say that I have been (thus far) remarkably happy with my new bike. However, it did develop a little fault a couple of days ago (the motor was no longer working). While I did report the fault via the phone immediately it took a couple of days for your technician & I to stop missing each other (we're obviously both much in demand !), I feel I should inform someone there that I have been remarkably please with the service received. Your technician was obviously competent & well informed, knowing exactly where to find the problem, even with my poor descriptions of what was occurring. I'm well aware of how difficult it can be to diagnose a fault down the phone, not to mention the difficulty of telling an inexperienced & uninformed individual how to go about effecting a repair.

    In short, your pre & post sales support is excellent & we will be returning to you at some point in the not too distant future for a second bike. Likewise, we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who should express an interest.
    Thank you
    As promised quick update on my new purchase. Finally got to put the electric bike together this weekend and a short run out, everything looks and seems to work fine.

    I had to give up cycling some 15 years ago due to knee and back injury and more recently I’m 12 months into recovery after Leukaemia so normally a bike would be well out of the question. have to say the electric bike has made it possible to get back into cycling. I found a short distance pedal only then reverting to powered pedal followed by a break using the ‘throttle’ was an ideal situation (might even get fast enough to try changing gear). With time I can extend the amount of cycling and improve my fitness, so thank you for your assistance with this purchase not only has the ebike made it possible but I have been impressed with both your website / order and dispatch system but more importantly with the personal touch and the advice you have provided.

    Does the job.
    I decided to buy an electric bike, as me and my wife have to car share and we have an 8 month old baby. This involved waking our daughter up early in the morning and a big round trip. I'd cycled to work before but there is a massive hill on the journey.
    Firstly, the service and delivery were excellent. I received an e-mail asking if I would be home next day and to contact by 13:00. As it turned out I sent a return e-mail at 14:30 and it still got delivered next day.
    This bike really helps me get up the hill a lot easier, and although I still have to put in a bit of effort, I'm no way near as tired or sweaty as I would be on a normal bike. On the flat, cycling is a breeze, and the quick start surprised me.
    I've never owned an electric bike before and the throttle mode was a bit disappointing, as I was expecting a little bit more power, and alone it's no use uphill, so I just use peddle assist.
    Overall, I'm very happy with the price, quality and performance of this bike. It's saving us a 30 mile round trip in a car and I'll soon make the money back from petrol savings.

    Replaced my car
    I was unfortunate enough a few months ago to get a 6 month driving van. I have to travel 20 miles round trip a day to get to and from work. My friend said to me about electric bikes as an option. I had never tried one before but after 10 mins on the phone with ebikes direct, i decided to go for it and got myself a powacycle. I am very happy with the bike and I never thought I would enjoy it the way I have. It certainly beats the bus!
    powercycle salisbury
    Im am so very happy with this excellent electric bike! I have a 25 mile round trip for work everyday and the powerful litium polymer battery lasts very well indeed with only needing a couple of charges a week. Im planning on a camping holiday soon and will be taking the powacycle salisbury with me. Recommended excellent bike. Thank You.
    Malcolm keeps fit
    I am so pleased with my Salisbury. It's well built, and having the excellent lithium polymer battery , it's so easy to use. I rarely use the motor on it's own : with pedalling assistance, I have clocked up 21 miles on one trip, which is giving me a lot of much-needed exercise !

    Overall an excellent machine
    Excellent Bike
    This is simply the best investment I have ever made.
    My wife has had her Windsor for 2 years now, and has had trouble free cycling with it.

    I am a 54 year old fat man who has not riden a bike in earnest since schooldays, diagnosed with spinal trouble.
    I decided to join her and did my research on e-bikes, taking many for test rides.
    The Salisbury was a "must have" from the moment I got on the seat.

    The lightweight construction makes it easy to handle in every respect, yet still very rugged by appearance and under my weight.

    I did adapt it slightly by putting my old man gel seat on it, and set of with her indoors for a long ride up and down many differing gradients.

    Is this a fault or is it me, I never changed out of sixth gear, that would be my only critism, give me more gears please.

    Seriously I really cannot praise any higher, the way this machine performed, we traveled a good 20 miles on our trip, and still had plenty of battery power left for the boys to ride around the pub carpark on our return.

    The bike was packed in a huge cardboard box and best part assembled, all I needed to do was slot in the handlebar stem and screw in the pedals and battery lock, charge the battery and GO.

    Riding this bike is so easy and enjoyable I urge you to get off of your big fat behind and buy one, if I can do it anyone can.
    Some of my so called friends accused me of cheating and doing it the lazy way, my reply is "how many of them had a 20 mile bike ride today" answer is none they would rather spend money on 20 pints of beer.

    Another big bonus is: after 36 years of marriage I am getting to know my wife, do you know what, I quiet like her,
    I certainly enjoy watching her little bum wiggle on her Windsor.

    A BIG THANK YOU to Pwacycle and e-bikes direct.

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