Haibike SD Trekking 3.0 2020 Ladies Electric Bike

E-bike research routinely shows that e-bike hybrids are the biggest reason to leave the car at home of all. With a machine like this SDURO Women’s Trekking 3.0 you’ll soon find ever more excuses to leave the car behind to get into town, do the commute and even visit friends who live several miles away. Built primarily for road use, this is a high quality machine that will chew up the miles but also cut out miles of car use too!

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  • £2,349.00
  • Haibike SD Trekking 3.0 2020 Ladies Electric Bike

    Whether for a regular commute, getting into and about town, or do a longer fun run in the countryside, the Haibike SDURO Women’s Trekking 3.0 is just the sort of machine to save on car miles while getting you lean and fit! Both extremely fun to ride yet far cheaper to keep than a car (forget the £££ parking/fuel/ traffic) this is a machine that could change your life in far more ways than you ever imagined.

    The Haibike Trekking series

    Ranging from machines that can handle serious cross country rides to the tough but steady road trekking e-bikes, the Haibike Trekking series of machines are about solid build quality and decent range between recharging. Whatever your needs from a utilitarian bike, the Haibike Trekking series should be high on your list. These are built in different geometries for men and women so both body shapes are comfortable in the saddle for many an hour’s riding.

    Bosch Performance Line motor and 500Wh battery

    The Bosch Performance Line gives a real kick when asked for yet can read your riding so it doesn’t spin out when pulling away. Torque is where this is at, pulling at up to 65Nm, and delivering a performance curve that allows for blistering acceleration when you need or just helping you up those hills as you let the machine take the strain. A 500Wh on-tube battery is just where the weight is needed, yet also can give you 50 miles of mixed riding - more than enough for a day in the saddle! The Bosch Intuvia controller/display will show you just the parameters you need, including speed and estimated battery distance.

    Tell me more?

    What’s the difference between the men’s and women’s machine? Geometry built around the ideal seating position of the woman as against the man. With no weight penalty or component differences, the women’s version is built for you in mind, not just anyone. Many of our customers go for his and hers e-bikes that will have you riding just as comfortably over many a mile!

    With its road oriented Schwalbe Road Cruiser tyres, the Trekking 3.0 is something that doesn’t mind the odd tow path/railway path but comes into its own for road riding. Its 10 speed Shimano Deore M6000 drivetrain will give you a great set of ratios for most hills you confront on your travels. On 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors, the Tektro T275, aluminium disc brakes are great for speed control.

    For evening and low light conditions, the 20 lux Trelock Bike - i Veo LS230 front and rear, AXA Blueline lights are plumbed into the battery. The SDURO Women’s Trekking 3.0 also comes with high quality nylon front and rear mudguards as well as a solid pannier rack.

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